So *ahem*, after you take me back to my place, how about we do some "overtime"?

Ashley Graham is the daughter of the U.S. President during the events of Resident Evil 4 and is kidnapped by a mysterious organization during a homecoming trip. As Leon S. Kennedy, it is the player's objective to determine Ashley's whereabouts and rescue her from her captors.

When the player is with Ashley, it is their duty to protect her from any incoming enemy and prevent her from being taken away. The player can give simple commands to Ashley, too. Ashley is also briefly playable in Salazar's Castle.


I'm never turning into one of them! Never!

In 2004, Ashley was kidnapped by Jack Krauser, a mercenary working for Osmund Saddler of Los Illuminados, while coming back home from her college in Massachusetts. She is taken to a remote village somewhere in Spain, where she is apparently held for ransom by Los Illuminados.

After receiving intelligence about Ashley's whereabouts, the U.S. Government sends agent Leon to investigate the area. He discovers that the local villagers are actually members of Los Illuminados, converted to their beliefs through parasitic organisms known as Las Plagas. Leon discovered Ashley in a church on the outskirts of the village. Shortly afterwards, the two met with the cult leader, Saddler, who revealed that Ashley (as well as Leon) was administered with one of the Plaga parasites and that Saddler was planning to return Ashley to the President in order to infiltrate and destroy the U.S. Government from within.

After escaping Saddler and the villagers, the two found their way into Ramon Salazar's castle and later, into Saddler's island complex. Ashley would repeatedly be recaptured by Los Illuminados during Leon's mission and subsequently rescued each time. Within the island complex, the two found a laser surgery machine built by Luis Sera with the purpose of removing a Plaga internally from its host's body. Leon and Ashley used the machine on themselves, destroying their Plaga parasites and thus, removing Saddler's only leverage on them.

After Saddler was eliminated, Leon and Ashley made their escape from the collapsing island on a jet ski left by Ada. Ashley offered Leon to come over to her place for "some overtime", which Leon politely declined. Afterwards, the both of them are picked up by US Government authorities.


Ashley wears an orange, sleeveless turtle-neck sweater with a burgundy sweater around her neck. She also wears a green, plaid skirt and knee-high brown, buckled boots. If the player beats the game and selects the "Special" costume where Leon wears his R.P.D. uniform the next time they play, Ashley will wear a white pop star outfit.

If the player clears the minigame "Separate Ways", they can unlock a second special outfit. Leon wears a mafia suit and Ashley is given a suit of armor, which protects her from any harm from enemies. In the Gamecube and Wii versions Leon and Ashley can wear their alternate outfits, but since the PS2 and PC versions use pre-rendered cutscenes they will wear their default outfits.

Beta Ashley

A beta version of Ashley can be found in the files of pre-launch/beta releases of Resident Evil 4. Unlike the official Ashley, this one wears a checkered scarf, a red jacket, brown gloves, a belt, black pants & brown boots.

Beta Ashley

The Ashley model in question


  • When you get to play Ashley in the Castle area, in the first 2 rooms, there will be two Cult-Members in black robes.
  • Ashley can't attack enemies directly, but can throw explosive lanterns when available during the segment you control her.
  • The lanterns will respawn in the area if you go to another map, and come back.
  • It is possible to burn two enemies using single lantern. For this, keep running around until both villains team up to pick you up, and then go to the lantern and throw at them.
  • There are cheats or mods for some versions of the game allowing her to hold some guns, but the animations are off.


  • When Ashley is wearing the suit of armor, any time Leon will catch her from falling, Leon suffers back pain because of the armor's mass.
  • Ashley bears a strong resemblance to Heather Mason, the protagonist of Silent Hill 3; both have shoulder-length blonde hair and wear a sleeveless orange shirt, a green skirt and brown knee-high boots with buckles at the top (see this image).
  • Whenever Leon aims and Ashley stands behind Leon to watch him and avoid being hurt, if the player chooses to successfully snipe an enemy or deflect projectiles thrown using any other weapon, Ashley will perform a "cheering" gesture (pumping her arm with her hand in a fist).
  • Ashley will cover her skirt and call Leon a pervert if he: Climbs a ladder with Ashley still at the top of the ladder, aims at her skirt while she is standing on a higher position, performs a Suplex with him landing below her skirt, or if Leon is knocked down and lands near Ashley. As a side note if you do successfully look up her skirt you can see that capcom put alot of detail on her panties
  • As Ashley Graham was only kidnapped by Krauser so he can get close enough to Saddler to steal the Master Plaga (presumably the same one that the Los Illuminados planned to inject into her), it's unknown what would have happened to her if Krauser succeeded.
  • The player can use herbs combined with Yellow Herbs to also expand Ashley's health, and if the player plays another round of the game on the same game file, Leon and Ashley will retain with their expanded health also. Due to her having a weaker constitution than Leon, Ashley takes more damage if she's hurt and herbs heal more of her health faster.
  • An interesting discovery is that Ashley can not be decapitated. She will just go into her dying animation as normal (as if she was accidentally shot by the player) if she is hit by the Bella Sisters.
  • Like Sherry Birkin and Manuela Hidalgo, Ashley is one of the female, defenseless characters Leon has to protect in a Resident Evil game. Also, all three of the girls have had some affiliation or involvement with the U.S. Government. Ashley is the President's daughter, Manuela and Sherry were both taken into government custody.
  • Ashley's bottle cap plays they sound file of her yelling to Leon for help.
  • The person who voices Ashley (Carolyn Lawrence) also voices Sandy Cheeks in Spongebob Squarepants and Cindy Vortex in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


  • If a Zealot picks up Ashley to carry her away, he is no longer able to jump.



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