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The AK-47

The ubiquitous AK-47 (short for Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947) is one of the most infamous small arms ever created. Used by over eighty armies and with total production exceeding 100 million, it is without a doubt one of the most popular assault rifles in the world. Originally designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov near the end of World War II, the AK-47 was officially adapted as the Soviet Union's standard assault rifle in 1949 and remained largely unchanged until it was replaced by an updated version, the AKM, in the late 50s and later the AK-74. The AK-47, as well as its countless copies and variants, is known for being extremely rugged, simple to operate, and extremely reliable. Its drawbacks include heavy weight, relatively low rate of fire, substandard accuracy, heavy recoil and a somewhat awkward layout.

In Resident Evil

Code Veronica

This weapon is used in Resident Evil Code Veronica, found in the Antarctic Research Facility armory by Claire Redfield. With its ammunition supply measured in a percentage, one spare magazine of 50% can be found in the ruins of the Training Facility by Chris Redfield. Chris can also find the gun in the Antarctica Facility in the room with the Magnum and Detonator.It is also known to be the main weapon of the Umbrella Security forces.

The version in Code Veronica is the AK(M)S-47 of an undetermined type. The AK(M)S differs from the standard Kalashnikov in that it does not have the fixed stock. Normally the AK(M)S has a metal framed folding stock, however the AK(M)S-47s in Code Veronica do not have the folding stock.

The weapon is used by Claire in the Battle mode and it has infinite ammo.


The AK-47 makes a brief appearance in Resident Evil Zero (as other rapid fire weapons) in the training facility's basement, it is however missing parts, most of which had to be repaired.

Operation Raccoon City

In Operation Raccoon City, the AK-47 returns as the 'Militia Rifle.' It is the third assault rifle listed in the weapon select menu. It is described as 'A reliable and accurate assault rifle with a moderate rate of fire.' The icon for the Militia Rifle at the weapon select menu is an AK-103, an updated AK-47 with the flash hider of an AK-74.



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