"A gun suited for rapid firing. It uses 5.56 caliber rounds."
— Item description

The Assault Rifle is a weapon item that appears in the Resident Evil Outbreak series.

The Assault Rifle is an automatic carbine with a capacity of 30 rounds and does moderate damage to enemies (it specifically inflicts 200 damage per shot).

While the rifle may spray out rounds surprisingly fast; trigger-disciplined players can kill a zombie within 4-8 shots, without emptying the gun.

Unlike other firearms in the Outbreak series, its ammunition comes only in magazines, not boxes. (thus, reloads are done instantly, without needing to insert rounds one-by-one in the gun)

  • It is not recommended to give this weapon to the AI, as they tend to waste 10-20 rounds to kill a single enemy.
  • The carbine is hip fired by characters, despite the presence of a shoulder stock.


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