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The Assault Rifle is an item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It is the main weapon of Carlos Oliveira and Mikhail Victor and the standard-issue rifle of the UBCS during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. It is identified as an M4A1 Rifle.


"M4A1 Assault Rifle. The gun is set in MANUAL Mode. It uses 5.56 NATO rounds."
— Item examination in Manual Mode - English
"M4A1 Assault Rifle. The gun is set in AUTO Mode. It uses 5.56 NATO rounds."
— Item examination in Auto Mode - English

The Assault Rifle is a fully automatic weapon with good stopping power and rate of fire. Just like the Submachine Gun from Resident Evil 2, the rifle's ammunition is counted as percentage value, with each magazine worth 100%.

This weapon is able to switch between full auto and manual mode, which allows the player to fire the weapon in a burst of three rounds if the weapon is set on MANUAL, similar to Leon's VP-70 from Resident Evil 2. The Assault Rifle is aimed from the hip in AUTO mode, but is aimed from the shoulder in MANUAL mode. The color of the sight's lens during gameplay tells the weapon's firing mode, green for MANUAL and red for AUTO.

One full burst in MANUAL mode consumes 1% of the rifle's ammunition, so a full magazine at 100% should hold 300 bullets, more or less.

This fully automatic weapon is useful for a lot of combat situations, such as stopping running Zombies and battling the fast Hunters. Though being weaker than the Magnum, the Assault Rifle is still an excellent weapon for fighting Nemesis.

UBCS member Carlos is armed with the M4A1, which the player can use while playing as him. However, the weapon is only available for Jill in one of three ways:

  • On Easy mode, Jill comes equipped with and can use the M4A1 from the start. It is also the only time that the player can obtain spare ammunition to it, as two spare magazines can be found in the item box.
  • On Hard mode, Jill can obtain this weapon by defeating Nemesis-T Type on the seventh time (in his second form near the chapel). That will only work when the game is played for the first time, because on next playthroughs, the player obtains a briefcase of infinite bullets.
  • An infinite version of the M4A1 can be purchased for $2000 through The Mercenaries minigame, after completing the game once. After doing so, it will become available for both Jill and Carlos. There is no penalty for using it, unlike in Resident Evil 2.

The Mercenaries[]

Carlos Oliveira is equipped with the Assault Rifle as his primary weapon in Operation: Mad Jackal.