The Assault Rifle RN is an assault rifle featured in Resident Evil 6, found only in Leon's campaign. It is found in Chapter 3 in one of the coffins. 


A unique assault rifle that has plain looks but with a good performance. This weapon favors firepower over speed, sacrificing a bit of its firing speed. It also has heavy recoil, and firing in short bursts is recommended. What makes this weapon unique is the bayonet attached under the barrel. With this assault rifle equipped there are some changes with the melee prompts and physical attacks:

  • Leon and Helena's light melee prompt is replaced by the bayonet stab to the body.
  • Their stomp is also replaced by a stab.
  • Their physical attack also changes; instead of using their fist and legs, pressing the Physical Attack button will have the character hitting an enemy with the rifle with the second press has the player slashing the enemy with the bayonet, leaving them open for a melee prompt.

This weapon is also used in the Mercenaries with Leon Costume 1 using it as his default load-out alongside the Sniper Rifle and the Grenade Launcher. It is also Nick's primary weapon in the PC version's The Mercenaries No Mercy mode.


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