The Assault Rifle for Special Tactics is an assault rifle that appears in Resident Evil 6. This rifle seems to have replaced the SIG 556 as the BSAA's standard Tactical Rifle, as it is seen used primarily by Chris Redfield and other BSAA members.


This Assault Rifle features a fast firing speed and a strong firepower. Although excelling in speed, it lacks any unique attachments and an alternate firing mode. This weapon is quite devastating in both short and medium range, however at long range it is recommended to fire it in short bursts. It is especially useful to mow down crowds of enemies due to its firing speed but tends to use up ammo rather quickly.

This weapon is being used in the Mercenaries as Chris' default load-out alongside the L.Hawk in his default costume. It is also used by Jake in his EX load-out in Siege along with 2 remote bombs.


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