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Astaroth was one of several demons who claimed the title of Demon King. Following his defeat at the hands of Silver Knight, Arthur, he was revived to assist in a pan-dimensional war. Astaroth was a reluctant ally of Druaga, a competing claimant of the Demon King title.


Lord Astaroth used the tears between the Makai and the Fantasy World to his advantage and abducted Princess Prin-Prin as part of a plot to take over the Fantasy World. He was defeated by Arthur, who ventured through the makai village to rescue her. In his defeat, his soul was split in two. Revived along with demon lords Druaga and Zouna at the beginning of a pan-dimensional war started by Ouma agent Saya, Astaroth was brought back to life in two bodies to carry the two halves of his soul.[1][2] The Astaroths quickly established a network of agents to plan about his dominance of the universe at the war's end; his servant, Red Arremer Joker, led his army to the Material World while Zabel Zarock collected human souls, while the "fallen knight", Black Valkyrie worked in the shadows.[2][3] Joker, a servant of Druaga with similar orders to Zabel, operated as a double-agent to fulfill his own goals. In a meeting with Red Arremer and Joker, the Astaroths were made aware of the "Devil Gene" in Kazuya Mashima's DNA. The Astaroths ordered Red Arremer to apprehend Kazuya so he could be studied more closely, the three suspecting the gene to be the result of the dimensional barriers breaking down and the two worlds merging.[4]

As Shinra's interdimensional alliance pressed forward against Ouma, Druaga and the Astaroths reluctantly formed an alliance, though it was an open secret both sides were using each other to achieve their own goals. The Tower of Druaga was transported into the village along with a garrison to increases their defenses against Shinra. Nonetheless, Shinra's alliance made it through, and one of the Astaroths was questioned about his plans. He denounced any knowledge of the Soul Edge before fleeing, confirming they did not have a full picture of the primary movers.[5] The Shinra allies reached Astaroth in his throne room, finding him defended by monsters loyal to Druaga, Astaroth's own army now defeated.[2] After questioning the legitimacy of the Astaroths' governing, Naberius entered the chamber to reveal himself as the true leader. Both Astaroths were immediately attainted for their failings and took over as the new Demon King. Red Arremer Joker rebelled upon this declaration, but not without informing the Astaroths that he had discovered the location of the Belclant above Daicroft, allowing the others to listen in and give them a chance to ruin Naberios' scheme, found to be grand with the realisation that Black Valkyrie was using Zouna and Astaroth in her plans to plunge the entire Demon World into a war that none would win. Despite no longer being in control of an army, the Astaroths were too great a threat, and Arthur promptly defeated both in combat followed by Naberios himself, the evil magic destroying the village.[2] Nonetheless, Astaroth and Naberios revived again due to his magic and freed from the Abyss of Time. Astaroth and Naberios tried again to attack the Shinra allies as the dimensional barriers were being repaired, but failed and were cast back to the Abyss of Time.[6]

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