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This waste disposal facility (廃棄物 (はいきぶつ)処理 (しょり)施設 (しせつ)?)[1] was an Umbrella facility located on a small island in the North Atlantic, and was used for the handling and disposal of Bio Organic Weapons. The facility handled waste primarily from the Bio-Sphere, an underwater laboratory complex built against the cliffs.


The disposal facility and Bio-Sphere were operational in the 1990s, and by 1996 were managed by Morpheus D. Duvall, a senior executive within Umbrella HQ's R&D division. The facility's main purpose was the processing of bio-waste of destruction of B.O.W.s; however, under Duvall's leadership, B.O.W.s were deliberately kept alive so new mutant species could propagate in the sewers and be studied. In spite of this research, disposal workers were expected to continue their duties uninterrupted.[2]

In 1996 and 1997, a series of workplace accidents took place which were blamed on safety failings on the part of Duvall, who was accused of prioritising research over employee wellbeing.[1] In November 1996, a B.O.W. prototype escaped captivity and began hunting workers in the tunnels.[3] On 16 June 1997 a number of employees were infected with t-Virus and subsequently killed, either by a B.O.W. or were euthanised. This accident was blamed on Duvall by the workers, owing to the safety failings.[1] A researcher assigned to an observation post was forced to abandon an entire section of level B1 to an aquatic mutant after suffering acid burns during an attack.[2] Due to failure to repair the power system on level B4, a colony of Glimmers was able to thrive in low light levels, and a number of workers were killed in attempts to capture them for research.[4]

At some point after June 1997, Umbrella chose to abandon their facilities on the island, leaving behind numerous B.O.W.s and Zombie workers. Duvall himself was stripped of his position at Umbrella HQ in 1998, after a similar pattern of safety negligence was determined by an inquest to be the prime cause of a disastrous t-Virus outbreak at Arklay Laboratory.[5] At some point between then and 2002, Duvall returned to the island intent on using it as a base where acts of bioterrorism could be prepared. When this plot was exposed, US Army operator Bruce McGivern and MSS agent Fongling infiltrated the facility in pursuit. It was destroyed the following morning after the premature detonation of a ballistic missile launched from a nearby missile silo.




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