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Atsushi Mori is a game developer who worked for Capcom for a number of years. His focus is sound design.


When he was hired as lead sound designer for the Resident Evil remake, and worked alongside Soundelux staff in creating sound. According to an interview, he envisioned enemies making different noises to alert the player whether or not they have been seen, with the Hunters switching from low to high screeches in such an instant. He also had trouble getting adequate Zombie sound samples due to the Soundelux effects sounding too comical. Ultimately around 1000 samples were made and spread out among the ten Zombie models to make each model unique.[1]


Game Year of release role
Resident Evil 5 2009 Additional sound effects designer[2]
Ōkami 2006
Devil Kings 2005
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 2005
Resident Evil 4[3][4] 2005
Resident Evil Outbreak 2004 film studio worker[5]
P.N.03 2003
Resident Evil 2002 Lead Sound Designer[6]
Devil May Cry 2001
Gyakuten Saiban 2001
Dino Crisis 2 2000
Dino Crisis 1999


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