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The Attack on Alexander Institute of Biotechnology was an incident that took place at the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology in Chicago, Illinois.[1]


Over the previous four months the dormant A-Virus had been spread across the US states and Canadian provinces bordering the Great Lakes as the prelude to a bio-terror attack. A number of incidents of accidental activation got the attention of the US government, and AIB was one of the universities tasked with creating a vaccine. As the owner of the country's most advanced equipment in vaccine synthesis, it was the prime target for the terrorist group.


Canisters containing the triggering agent were released into the university's air conditioning system, zombifying the staff in a cloud of gas by María Gómez. This attack took place the very day a vaccine for the virus was developed by Dr. Rebecca Chambers, the group having expected completion by that point. Chambers escaped harm when she was able to vaccinate herself in time, though was confronted by her zombified colleagues. The infected researchers were soon killed off by members of the BSAA's elite Silver Dagger force under Captain Chris Redfield, who had planned to visit the lab to inquire about the vaccine. Prior to the BSAA's arrival, however, the terrorist was able to destroy the vaccine synthesis machine, destroying all trace of the vaccine outside of the antibodies in Dr. Chambers' blood.


At the time of the attack, the US and Canadian governments were covering up the outbreak to avoid panic, reporting individual cases as violent murders. Consequently, the attack was reported in news as a more conventional terror attack by an armed group resulting in the slaying of several researchers.

Ultimately the attack had limited success, as Dr. Chambers provided the BSAA with a sample of her blood to give them protection in a counter-terror raid in New York.


The perpetrator was later identified as María Gómez, a bodyguard of bioweapons black marketeer Glenn Arias. Arias had planned the Great Lakes outbreak as a doomsday scenario, and the existence of a vaccine prior to widespread use of the triggering agent posed a threat to its effectiveness.



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