The Audience Hall is an area of the Castle that is featured in Resident Evil 4. This is the room where Ramon Salazar introduces himself. Chapter 3 and 4 involve around recovering stone ornaments, which can be used on the large wall Salazar locked.


It is a large hall which act as the central hub of the castle decorated with carpets, lighten up with flaming torches, candles and lamps. The prison stems off of this area.


Upon entering this room, a laugh can be heard which is revealed to be Ramon Salazar. After a brief conversation, Salazar leaves and a huge puzzle door appears. The door appears to be missing a few stones which are needed in order for it to open. Proceeding through the door on the right, the player will see a prison door that is locked on the left. It requires a Prison Key to unlock it which is located not far hanging on a painting. The path ahead appears to be blocked by horse statues which are spraying fire but can be deactivated by pulling the lever inside the Prison.

The lever is guarded by the Garrador that will be awakened when the player moves into his cell towards the lever. The door out will close if Leon tries to escape, trapping him inside until the Garrador is dead. The Garrador is a blind enemy who relies on his hearing.If the player runs, Leon's position will be compromised. The best idea is to walk; if the Garrador uses his charging attack, walk backwards. The Garrador can also get stuck on walls after he charges, leaving him vulnerable to attack his weak spot located on his back. This can be taken advantage of by shooting the bells while he is far away from them, causing him to charge at them. When killed he drops 15000 pesetas.

Upon exiting the Prison, a group of Zealots will spawn and attack the player, two are equipped with crossbows and one will be throwing dynamites at Leon, the rest are unarmed.


Location Action Localization Original script
The puzzle door CHECK (view) A beautiful decoration. But something's missing.
The puzzle door after adding one or two pieces CHECK It's still not complete.
The door to gondola while it is locked OPEN It won't budge! It's gotta be locked from the other side.
The prison door CHECK (locked sound) It's locked. What a sturdy door. A prison perhaps?
The painting of Saddler CHECK (view of the painting falling)
The painting by the fire CHECK (view of the painting, obtain the Prison Key)




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