Rani's Aunt (name unknown) is the legal guardian of Rani Chawla, following the death of the latter's parents in India for unspecified reasons. A member of Terrasave, she and her niece arrived at the Harvardville Airport to pick up Claire Redfield on the day of a bioterrorist attack orchestrated by Curtis Miller.


Rani and her Aunt appear at the Harvardville Airport Terminal on the morning of the virus infestation incident to pick up fellow TerraSave activist Claire Redfield. Upon Claire's arrival, she and Rani's Aunt exchange very friendly greetings (Claire tells the woman she "looks great", to which her friend responds "and you look tired"), indicating the two have met at least once before, most likely due to mutual TerraSave involvement.

Rani's Aunt excuses herself shortly afterwards, assuring the other two she will bring the limo around as soon as she can. This decision proves to be her salvation, as the infestation and subsequent airport lockdown catch her outside, separating her from Rani and Claire.

She is the first civilian to come into contact with the infestation survivors after Leon S. Kennedy and Angela Miller escort them out, calling out to Rani desperately from the other side of the fence. She and Rani also accompany Claire to the cliff-side where she, Leon and Angela part ways at the end of the ordeal.



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