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The Axemen are mutant Undead known for their towering height, impressive agility and their use of large axes. They appear to have been deliberately created as human bio-weapons, unlike the more typical Undead.


Axemen were created at Umbrella Prime, a top-secret bioweapons research facility located in Siberia. This facility was initially making bioweapons for international customers before the global T-virus pandemic. With Red Queen ordered to assist in the extermination of mankind, these bioweapons were released out into the wild to assist.[1]

The first known Axeman encounter took place in Los Angeles several years into the outbreak. A single Axeman made his way to the Citadel Correctional Facility, where Undead were aware of survivors. Using his axe, he was able to break down the main gate. Moving into the prison showers, he sliced survivor Kim Yong in half with the axe and knocked out Alice with a side blow to the head. He would then be incapacitated himself by Claire Redfield, who fired a shotgun at close-range. Upon reawakening, he threw his axe at the survivors as they made their way into a tunnel, but failed to hit anyone. A final shotgun blast to the head killed him.[2]

Two more Axermen were encountered by Alice and Ada Wong as they ventured through the New York stage of Umbrella Prime's testing floor. Their axes became lodged in the frame of a taxi cab in an attempt to kill Alice. Alice and Wong killed the pair by shooting the gas tank to cause an explosion.

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