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The Axeman[3] is a mutated Undead in Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: Retribution. The monster is a recreation of the Executioner Majini from Resident Evil 5, a lone Axeman serves as the tertiary antagonist of the fourth film and two cloned Axemen serve as minor antagonists of the fifth film.


The Axeman first appears in the streets of Los Angeles, dragging his massive axe behind him. Eventually, it arrives at Citadel Correctional Facility compound where Alice and the other survivors have taken refuge. His presence appears to excite the other Undead as they attempt to breakdown the door. Claire Redfield and Luther West try and fail to barricade the gate. The Axeman breaks down the main gate, allowing hordes of Undead to infiltrate the facility.

Its whereabouts are unknown until the group attempt to use the tunnels created by the Majini Undead in the shower block. It kills Kim Yong, splitting him in half, and renders Alice unconscious with one blow with the flat side of its axe. Claire is left to fight the creature on her own, barely dodging its attacks until she outsmarts him. He is rendered momentarily unconscious when Claire slides between his legs and fires Alice's shotgun on him at close range. He regains consciousness and throws the axe at Claire as Alice arrives in time to pull her out of the path of the weapon. One final blast to the head with her shotgun obliterates the Axeman's head completely.


The Axeman returns as part of the New York test scenario in Umbrella Prime. Ada Wong and Alice, after escaping from the Umbrella command room, are ambushed by two Axemen in the scenario dispatched by the Red Queen. Both Axemen are killed when their weapons become lodged in the frame of a taxi cab in an attempt to kill Alice. Ada and Alice dispatch the pair by shooting the gas tank which causes an explosion strong enough to kill both creatures.

Strength and abilities

The Axeman is faster than he is in Resident Evil 5; he is able to swing his cumbersome weapon much quicker and run after his prey while swinging his axe at the same time. He is also demonstrates hugely enhanced strength as he is able to swing his axe with enough force to shatter stone and cleave straight through large metal objects like cars with virtually no resistance, as well as being able to hurl his axe several meters through the air with a high amount of accuracy and enough power to get stuck in a steel tank. However, his endurance is weaker and although he can withstand small caliber shots from handguns and sub-machine guns, he cannot be killed with a single headshot like common undead. It seems to get killed only by suffering massive body damage, e.g. when caught in a large explosion, or completely losing his head.


  • Though never stated, it's very likley the Axeman in Afterlife was released by Wesker to force Alice out of the prison.


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