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The B1F West Hall is an area of Raccoon Police Station featured in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


This area is composed of a small hallway with dim lighting hanging from the ceiling. The west hall link the underground parking garage to two different rooms including Kennel and holding cell. There's a small ventilation shaft on the left side of the wall.


Resident Evil 2[]

In scenario A for Leon, Ada will immediately run away into the holding cell which is located at the far end. The door toward the kennel can be located in between the passage on the right. Later, after obtaining one of the plugs located back at the Cog Room, Leon can slide down here straight away using the ventilation shaft where a small cutscene was played immediately where Ben being attacked by William Birkin.

Claire can only entered the west hall on Scenario B, where Leon and Ada had push the RPD truck inside the underground parking garage during Scenario A.

Darkside Chronicles[]

The Ben Bertolucci file is located in this room on the light above the door that leads to the Kennel. William Birkin is seen in this area but only in an in-game cutscene, there are a total of 8 enemies in this room, most of them will appear after the player makes their way back from the Holding Cell

Other than the file, there is no notable item to be picked up in this room. Though the player can destroy other objects in this corridor that will spawn Gold.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Control panel for the locks

A control panel to release the lock. The lock appears to be open.