The B3F power room is an area of the NEST.



After reaching the midway of the passageway, the tyrant will appear once more. As it approaches Leon, Ada Wong would came and save him by shooting the tyrant. The tyrant would turn its attention to her, grabbing her in the process. Although Ada struggled, she managed to shoot the tyrant, causing it to temporarily stun. As a result, the tyrant throws Ada onto the side (dropping the Master Key) as it falls into the melting pool below. Leon would hold Ada afterwards, before watches she fell unconscious. Assuming Leon's role, the player can grabbed the Master Key and exits the room.

In Claire's scenario B, she will encounter the tyrant that is trying to take the locket away from Sherry Birkin which contains the G-Virus. As the tyrant approaches Sherry, Claire tells her to throw the locket to her instead. Sherry would throw the locket across to Claire, before escaping the area through the ventilation shaft. After grabbing the locket, Claire then proceeds to tease the tyrant about wanting the locket before throwing it off the platform. As a result, the tyrant relentlessly pursuits locket as it falls off the platform and land onto the melting pool below. Afterwards, the self-destruct mechanism will activate, forcing the player to exit the area.


Location Localization Original script
The large machine The auto destruct system is active...
Ventilation shaft (Claire) Sherry is not here...





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