The B2F stair hall (B2F階段ホール B2F kaidan hōru?)[1] is an area of the Arklay Laboratory.


The room contains a telephone at the far end on the right hand side of the "Visual Data Room" or Image preparation room. The stairs lead toward the Central cloister. In Remake, a part of the floor is soaked wet. From the preparation room, an operating table is set up against the wall along with a steam pipe above it.


In the original Resident Evil, three zombies are present that will stalk this area. The Image preparation room is electronically locked and therefore unable to enter. Two green herbs can be found at the side pavement near the stairwell while one of the MO Disks is found on the desk, right next to the telephone. During the 1st class emergency, three zombies will appear once again regardless the previous ones were killed or not.

In the remake, three zombies will also be faced here. After killing them, their bodies can be disposed using the Fuel Canteen to prevent them from becoming Crimson Heads. One of the three MO Disk can be found located at the desk near the door to the Image preparation room. Two green herbs also can be found located near the stairs.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Image preparation room door It's electronically locked.
Plate on the left hand side of the Image preparation room. "Visual Data Room"
Resident Evil (2002)
Operating table An operating table is set up against the wall. There's nothing particularly special about it.
The desk at the far end Part of the desk is covered in what appears to be some kind of acid.
The door to the Image preparation room It's locked electronically.







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