The B3F Laboratory entrance is an area of Raccoon General Hospital featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

If Carlos goes in that room and walking a little further before he enters Data room, a cutscene will appear, where he meets Tyrell Patrick, but he'll die because of the bomb exploided in the safe. If Carlos has already saw Nikolai in the Data Room, than two Hunter Betas will be present in that room.

Some Handgun Rounds can be found here in the locker. If they aren't there, than their location is the Data Room. Also, two Green Herbs can be found here near the safe. If they aren't here, than their location is the Room 401.


Location Localization Original Script
Apparatus Beakers and flasks.
Chemical storage "Extreme caution is needed when handling chemicals."
The safe (Had Tyrell and Nikolai had been encounter on the 4F) It's sealed with a complicated lock and cannot be opened.
Items on the shelf Bottles of various and other things.