The B3F west corridor is an area of the Arklay Laboratory.


The west corridor leads to three rooms that include an X-ray room, Researcher's private room and the Detention chamber passage. In Remake, medical equipment covered in plastic are placed and abandoned on the side of the corridor.


"The locks have been released."

The Detention chamber passage requires three passcodes. The first one can be found inside the Researcher's private room, second at the Morgue and the third at the Power room passage B. After rescuing Jill from the Detention chamber, she will run first into the preparation room.

In 2002 Remake, the player can find a First Aid Box containing mixed herbs after entering this corridor immediately. The door to the Researcher's private room is electronically locked, but can be opened by operating the computer inside the Laboratory. Three passcodes are needed to enter the Detention chamber passage, all of them can be found and obtained through certain part of the Arklay Laboratory using the MO Disk;


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Pass Code Panel A pass code panel.
Resident Evil (2002)
Abandoned equipment This medical equipment looks like it was abandoned in the middle of use.
The door to the Detention chamber passage (Locked) It's locked. If you can just get those levers on the side to work, it should open...
The Detention chamber passage panel Levers for releasing the door locks. Now if you can just release the locks on the levers...
The Detention chamber passage panel (After all code is entered) Levers for releasing the door locks. It looks usable. Pull it? Yes/No







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