The B4F Culture Experiment Room is a special room within the NEST.

Accessing in Resident Evil 2

The room can only be accessed on the B scenario, though necessary steps must be taken in the A scenario as well. In the A scenario, players must enter the B5F computer room. After clearing the room of enemies, they must access the Umbrella Rodem System on the room's computer. The username "Guest" must be entered, and the character's fingerprint must be registered. They must then proceed to the door of the culture room and use the fingerprint scanner to complete registration. This process must be repeated in the B scenario, which allows players to enter.

Players will encounter three Evolved Lickers in the room, and will be rewarded with either an Ingram M-11 or a spare magazine.

As its name suggests, the Experiment room contains many failed experiments, one of which has escaped from its container.

In the GameCube version of the game (and probably other ports) the large tube in the room isn't broken or empty. It has like a new BOW creature or a "G" monster that's still early in development or failed.


Location Localization Original script
Culture tank It looks like the remains of a failed experiment...
Empty case It's looks like encase to transport some important chemical but there's nothing inside...
Corpse His abdomen has been ripped apart.
Culture tank (At the back) It is broken from inside.

Further Notes

  • In the N64 version of Resident Evil 2, the corpse of a Hunter can be seen in this room. This is the only Hunter 'encountered' in Resident Evil 2.


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