The B4F experimentation room is a room in NEST.


The B4F experimentation room is accessible from the B4F east area passage, once the player obtains the Lab Card Key. On the far side of the room from the door, there is a light switch. The center of the room is taken up by the VAM system, and the activator for the VAM is nearby, next to a surgical table.


In scenario A, the player will face five zombies inside this room. A MO Disk can be found on the operating table at the back for both characters.

Entering this experimentation room as Claire during scenario A, the player can find a vaccine cart on the stretcher near the door. The player then needs to set the vaccine cart on the VAM machine. Next, head to the VAM system controller located on the wall and press the activation switch. Once it is done, the player will gain the base vaccine.

In scenario B, two Plant 43 are encountered here.


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Location Localization Original script
Switch for the light A light switch. Will you push it? Yes/No

(Once turn on) The light is already on.

VAM Machine (Leon) Activator - VAM - For base vaccine synthesis.
VAM Machine (Claire A) Activator - VAM - For base vaccine synthesis. There is a hole to set the cartridge.
VAM system controller Start switch for the VAM. Will you push it? Yes/No




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