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The B5F Area C Passage is an area of the NEST that is featured in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Outbreak. It is known as "B5F passway of area C" in the Japanese version, with B5F C eria tsūro (B5F Cエリア通路?) accompanying the screen.



In either scenarios for Leon or Claire, three evolved lickers will be face in this passage. One licker will be encountered immediately after reaching the long hallway toward the left; another will drop down through the ceiling while the other one will approach from the lobby ahead. After reaching the small lobby, three herbs can be found. The large shutter on the right will require the MO Disk for it to be opened. The player can continue through the hallway and find a door to the B5F monitor room.

When the player re-entered this area (After obtaining the Lab Card Key-scenario A or Power Room Key-scenario B) once again from the monitor room, another licker will drop down from the ceiling.

Much later in scenario A after facing Annette in the B4F east area passage (Leon) or B5F Area B Passage (Claire), the player will face dozen of zombies in this passage. The player then can use MO Disk to open shutter which reveal a passage towards B5F cargo room.


Location Localization Original script
The gate control panel (Scenario A) There's a disk slot. The monitor says: "Insert a verification MO disk to open the gate."
The gate to B5F Cargo Room (Scenario A) A solid looking shutter blocks the passage way.

"Direct gateway to the underground platform."

The gate to B5F Cargo Room (Scenario B) A shutter is tightly sealed in place.
Using the Monitor disk "Verification disk confirmed."