The B5F cargo room is an area of the NEST.


The Cargo room is a large area that are full with rows of culture tanks. It also separated the B5F Area C Passage and the Elevator BFP. It's one of the rooms where a boss battle takes place.


After reaching this place, player will have 5 minutes to escape.

This is where William Birkin will be faced for the last time (or the penultimate time, depending on actions the player took beforehand and afterward) either as Leon or Claire in Scenario A. After operating the panel for the Elevator (BFP), William will crash from above the ceiling. The idea is to shoot from a safe distance where he can't utilize his claws to attack. When the time is right, he'll began to transform into the "Dog Form" making his much harder to face. He'll jump across the platform and will charge player. Once Birkin is defeated, player can use the elevator.


Location Localization Original script
The lift panel A huge lift used to reach the platform. Will you activate it? Yes/No
The huge lift (While battling William Birkin) The lift isn't here yet!
Entry to the B5F Area C Passage The door has been completely sealed due to the explosion.




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