The B5F monitor room is an area of the NEST.


This room is a semi-circular hall, composed of multiple monitors being placed high on the wall. There's also a large whiteboard containing notes or memos.


The B5F monitor room can be explored either as Leon or Claire in scenario A or B. An Item Box and a Typewriter are also present in this room. As Claire in scenario A, she will see Leon inside the B2F Maintenance Room through one of the monitor in which she radio in Leon to fetch Sherry back at the B4F security room.

In Claire's scenario B, she will encounter Annette Birkin after returning here with the Power Room Key. Claire proceeds to informed Annette that Sherry knows nothing about the G-Virus or nor she knows about her current whereabouts. Annette would check the monitor above, as both of them saw Sherry being chased by the tyrant inside the power room. As Annette was about to leave, she told Claire that the G-Virus is hidden inside Sherry's locket. Assuming Claire's control, the player must head to the B2F power room from here.


Location Localization Original script
Map A map of the lab is available here. Will you file the laboratory map? Yes/No

(Yes) You've taken the laboratory map.




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