The B8F platform walkway is an area of NEST, a top-secret laboratory outside Raccoon City..


This area is composed of a platform walkway that goes right above and across the Umbrella Galaxie 5000 train which connected the B8F Platform and the Transformer Room.


After taking a few steps upon entering for the first time, the player will hear a notice saying "Five minutes until detonation.". There will be a five minutes countdown starting from there, before the whole place detonated. The player can skip the stairs first and go straight to find an item box.

Head back to the stairs, climb up and get across to the other platform. Go straight down and the player will see storage containing high capacity plugs, open it and grabbed the two plugs. Skips the stairs and take the two plugs to the transformer room.


Location Localization Original script
Materials near the item box Nothing looks useful here.
Panel for the plugs Storage for the high capacity plugs. Will you open it? Yes/No




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