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BIOHAZARD (バイオハザード baiohazādo?) is a Japanese novel written by Osamu Makino and acts as the first novelization of the 2002 film Resident Evil, based on Paul W.S. Anderson's previous scripts.


巨大企業アンブレラ・コーボレーションが地中深くに作り上げた秘密の研究所 <蜂の巣〉で、開発中のウイルスが漏洩する事件が発生。鳴り響く非常警報、遮断される通路、噴射されるハロンガスにまかれ、人々はばたばたと息絶えていった。


In the clandestine research facility known as 'The Hive,' meticulously built in the subterranean depths by the colossal conglomerate Umbrella Corporation, an incident occurred in which a virus in the midst of development was inadvertently unleashed. With the echoing wail of emergency sirens, passages sealed off, and enveloped by the hiss of halon gas, people stumbled and gasped for breath amidst the chaos until every individual frantically succumbed to their fate.

Alice awakens in an quaint, old-fashioned Western mansion and realises that her memories have been lost. Abruptly seized by a specialized task force, Alice is confronted with a sinister conspiracy lying in wait of the team's infiltration of the Hive. A gripping narrative transcending conventions, this collaboration with a beloved video game franchise promises an immersive cinematic experience.



Lisa is one of over 500 employees who work at The Hive, a research facility located deep beneath the Looking Glass House in Raccoon City, an industrial city in the American Midwest. Inside the facility, Lisa mulls over the existence of the Red Queen and why a name is given to a mere machine, conjuring up images of the facility as nothing more than a graveyard for all of the employees, with the Red Queen ruling over it. She is aware of the types of experiments being conducted at The Hive because she had previously researched the facility. Lisa intends to leave the next day with the necessary information to bury Umbrella Corporation and The Hive via her interactions with an unknown woman. Suddenly, an alarm sounds and all entrances are locked, trapping some of the employees, including Lisa. Initially, they believe it is a simple fire drill until halon gas is released and envelopes their entire environment. During the chaos, everyone scrambles to find other exits, with Lisa suspecting that the woman has betrayed her. Soon, everyone succumbs to the gas and dies, including Lisa.


An amnesiac woman finds herself awaken in the bathroom with no memories of her identity nor her past. The woman wanders around the mansion, trying to recover her fragmented memories. Outside, she uncovers a frame of her wedding to another man, a note promising her dreams fulfilled accompanied with handwriting that is not hers and drawers containing arsenal weapons. She wanders to the garden and observes its landscape before immediately turns back to the safety of the mansion when the wind howls. Inside, she is grabbed by an unknown man but she manages to evade and subdue him. At the same time, a black disc device thrown through the windows subdues the inhabitants. The man is quickly handcuffed while his repeated claim to be a police officer is ignored by black-masked operatives. The woman learns that her name is Alice from the commander of the unit who asks for her report but she is unable to answer. One of the unit members Kaplan learns that the Looking Glass's mansion defence system was activated, finding traces of nerve gas that renders her amnesiac. Another member Rain discovers that the man is a police officer called Matt Addison based on his ID, Kaplan is unable to verify his identity from the department's database owing to Matt's assertion that he was recently moved to the department and that the local police can be incompetent. With the unit small in number, One decides to take a captive Matt and Alice to the Hive.

They arrived at the underground freight station where one of the team members discovered another amnesiac man within a carrier. Alice recognised the man from the picture frame and begins to recall her memories with him. She noticed a wedding band on his finger and check for her own, only to discover that it was inscribed with Property of Umbrella Corporation. Alice begins to demand explanation from One who tells her that she is also employed by the corporation. Slowly, Alice remembers that she resides in Raccoon City and that Umbrella is a company that is renowned for their computer technology, pharmaceuticals, and health-related products with every household possessed its products. Additionally, it is said that it's financial and political power rival to that of nations. One reveals that the Looking Glass mansion serves as an emergency entrance to the Hive with the amnesiac man from before - Spence - and Alice are tasked as it's security officers. Furthermore, Spence and Alice's marriage is used as a cover to protect the mansion and the facility. Soon after, Kaplan commandeered the freight car and takes the unit to the Hive's entrance.

Arriving outside of its entrance, Kaplan is instructed to show them the facility's layout. The hologram depicts the Hive's underground complex layout and the places from before. When inquired by Spence on Hive's usage, One explains that the facility is highly classified and is rumoured to house military technology, genetic experiments, and bioweapons development. One reveals that all of them venture to the facility for the first time with even its staff members are rarely seen above surface. Spence and Alice questions on why they lost their memories and the defence system placement, One retorts that it's used to repel intruders and deter staff from going outside and leak informations with the nerve gas effect last up to 4 hours with acute memory loss as it's secondary effect. Rain and the others successfully cut through the sealed door and the unit starts to infiltrate the facility. Inside, Alice begins to become acquainted with Spence due to their similar amnesiac condition. Upon hearing mentions of The Red Queen by Kaplan, Alice questions it's identity. One retorts that The Red Queen is the AI that governs the facility and lies at it's chambers. Kaplan notes that all of the labs were flooded for containment, Alice starts to questions on the whereabouts of staff only for One to retort that the Red Queen had sealed off almost all entrances and released Halon gas which is fire suppressant by rapidly absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere. This also results in the deaths of all 500 employees, which happened 5 hours before the unit's invasion. One is unaware of the reason for its erratic behaviour, and the unit is dispatched to shut down The Red Queen. Arrived at room with multiple tanks and pipes, Rain and J.D. were tasked with guarding the room's exit and keep an eye on Matt.

Elsewhere, Kaplan directs One, Spence, Alice and other unit members to the Queen's Chamber where Kaplan has trouble of accessing due to the facility's complex system and inaccurate info from S.T.A.R.S. One reveals to Alice that they are part of S.T.A.R.S which is a special operations unit established within Raccoon Police Department. The unit as well the department often received financial support from the company. Naturally, this grants them considerable influence and leads them to essentially be Umbrella's private military force. Eventually, Kaplan successfully hijack the system and opens the corridor to the chamber. Spence questions on the bags content that the unit carried themselves with, Kaplan responds that it will send electrical overload charge to fire the AI's mainframe. Suddenly, the corridor's entrance and exit to the Chamber are closed off with it's weapons system activated. Spence urges Kaplan to free them as something starts to kill the team members inside one by one. After an intensive moment, Kaplan manages to get the doors open only for One and other members to have been sliced to pieces by laser grid. Spence is horrified by the grisly sight and opts to not continue while Kaplan resolved to keep going with Alice tagging along. The pair takes the bags and enters the Chamber where they are urged to leave by The Red Queen's hologram. Kaplan warns Alice to not listen to any of its words and the AI warns them that if it's shut down, they will be in danger. However, the pair ignore its words and Kaplan shuts the system down, rebooting the entire facility and unlocking all doors which had been keeping the undead staff at bay.

Chapter 2: THE RED QUEEN[]

Chapter 3: QUEEN ALICE[]

Chapter 4: AWAKENING[]


After the world has been ravaged by the T-Virus, Alice takes The White Queen alongside her on a trip to Manhattan, NY where there still exist an Umbrella facility with over a hundred researchers that still actively study on how to combat the virus. During the trip, Alice has been stockpiled on weapons and survival equipments to make the journey across and takes great joy in combating the world that is full of violence and death and is hopeful for the future.

Differences from the Movie[]

  • The opening of the novel skims down the movie's intro to just Lisa's perspective and ignores everything else like T-Virus release, the view point from other workers and other aspects. Lisa does not contact anyone on the phone nor does she recognise that the gas is Halon until another employee shouts out.
  • Alice manages to evade Matt's embrace and subdues him unlike its movie counterpart where she is forcefully dragged inside by Matt who successfully grab her.
  • The novel largely ignores the characters of Medic, Warner and Vance, opting to only focus on Rain, Kaplan, J.D and One.
  • Alice learns of her name through One when he demanded a report from her. In the movie, Alice did not learn of this till much later.
  • In the novel, One provides additional explanation as to why the Looking Glass mansion placed it's defence system and why nerve gas is specifically chosen. In the movie, this is ignored
  • In the novel, it is specifically stated that none of the Sanitation team members have ever been to the HIVE before. In the movie, the possibility is implicated.
  • The novel entirely ignores of the scene where Matt gets scared by a submerged lab worker's body.
  • In the novel, One explains a bit more detailed on how The Red Queen kills every staff and HIVE's evacuation procedure is. In the movie, the explanation are skimmed down to just the incident.
  • The novel reveals that the team is a S.T.A.R.S unit which is a special operations unit established within Raccoon Police Department. S.T.A.R.S often receive significant financial support from Umbrella Corporation which gives the corporation significant amount of influence, leading to rumours that S.T.A.R.S. is effectively its private military force. In contrast to the novel, The Sanitation Team in the movie is a paramilitary force under Umbrella's direct command.
  • The entire laser sequence takes place from Kaplan's perspective and it does not show the actual event itself but rather only it's aftermath. Additionally, Spence is the one who questions of the bag's content and is primarily the one who freaks out and urges Kaplan to get One and the others out of the laser corridor. In contrast to the novel, Alice is the one who mainly does the questioning. Both of them freak out and urges Kaplan to get them out.
  • In the novel, the Red Queen begs and warns them not to shut it's program down. Alice briefly has a conversation with the AI before Kaplan shuts it down when it threatens to cut off their head. In the movie, the Red Queen only begs and warns them.
  • In the novel, there are POV sections dedicated to the Licker before it confronts the group.