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After the S.T.A.R.S. investigation during the Mansion Incident, news of Umbrella's illegal biological experiments was made public. In what would become known as the "Umbrella Incident" (アンブレラ事件), the company subsequently collapsed and its facilities in Raccoon City were carefully guarded by members of the Raccoon City Police Department. Two months later, a mysterious skin disease begins to spread around Raccoon City, with those dying from it rising as zombies.[1][Excerpt 1] The police department, despite its modern riot defenses, soon falls to the infection but not without attempts to seal them behind shutters.

Leon's Scenario

"Oh that's just freaking great! Now what am I gonna do?!"
— Leon [2]

Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy is one of the few remaining officers in the city. His story begins when he sees a helicopter crash from the rooftop of the precinct.[3] After the crash, Leon debriefs the seriously injured Chief of Police Brian Irons in his office about the situation. Irons tells Leon to save his own life and rescue any survivors, telling him he will be OK. Leon finds an Umbrella researcher, Ada Wong, who was wounded and trapped in a crashed and burning police van in Outside B (外B SOTO B?); he saves her with the fire extinguisher and takes her to where he can tend to her injuries, with fellow officer Marvin Branagh guarding her.

Leon later sees a child named Sherry Birkin crawling down a drain from the vehicle workshop ("CHIKA CYUU B") in the garage basement, but is unable to call to her.

In the next room, an underground parking lot ("CHIKA CYUU A"), Leon finds Ada on her own and scolds her for leaving Marvin. She explains that she heard a noise and left Marvin to go investigate. The noise is revealed to have come from a crashed Umbrella van, and two gorilla B.O.W.s break out. Leon calls Ada to hide in a patrol car as he fights them.

Later, the trio decide to escape through the sewers. They climb down the sewers and after a brief discussion, Ada runs forward and is followed by Marvin.[2]

While exploring the sewers, Leon narrowly escapes a torrent of running water and encounters various mutations on the way.

After losing track of Ada, Leon and Marvin exit into the factory compound's SITE A (敷地A SHIKICHI A?), where they find the entire remaining police force – the large investigation team assigned to the factory – has been killed. Heading into a Warehouse (倉庫 SOUKO?), Leon fights the mutated William Birkin, who was recently knocked out by Elza Walker. The three take the elevator down to the lab, and Marvin gets injured by William in the process. Ada and Leon takes Marvin to the Guardhouse to recover. There, she reveals that she is in fact an Umbrella researcher, but tells Leon he doesn't have time to worry about that; Marvin is at risk of dying if he is not treated immediately. Ada conscripts Leon to reactivate the lab's power and take the delicate vial of the viral strain to a machine which will create an appropriate vaccine. When he has cured Marvin, Ada will wait for the two of them in the shelters below, though makes no guarantee they will survive down there.

Leon would fight a further mutated William in the labs who smacks a Man spider to death during a scene and would fight the monster once again in the train power room and in the Umbrella train, Annette Birkin being with Leon at the time.

Elza's Scenario

Elza Walker, a college student and motorcycle racer, returns to Raccoon City from summer vacation, hoping to form a racing team with her friends at Raccoon University and enroll in the university for the semester. Stumbling upon the infestation while riding her motorcycle, she crashes into the near-emptied police department. Looking for help, she finds a civilian named John and Officer Roy, the latter of whom is injured and close to transforming into a zombie; at some point John has to kill Roy in Office B, and chooses to stay behind to mourn his friend. Elza soon is introduced to Sherry Birkin in a vehicle workshop ("CHIKA CYUU B") of the garage basement, but is initially unable to reach her due to a locked door. She also meets Chief of Police Brian Irons, who later dies soon after hoping that his officers are safe. In the conference room, Elza meets John again. He tells her to stay away from the rooftop because of two gorilla B.O.W.s who break in through the windows from outside. John distracts them while letting Elza escape. Traveling to the rooftop, Elza is saved from a murder of crows by John. The two push down some crates and climb down the ladder to Outside A (外A SOTO A?). Elza tells John she saw Sherry in the garage basement and the two go down the sewers to look for her.

"Sherry: Elza I know a secret way in!
Elza: A secret entrance?
Sherry: It's here look, I can get inside through this hole..
Elza: Sherry! Wait!
Sherry and Elza.[2]

Now united, the trio climb up a ladder and reach the factory's exterior, SITE A (敷地A SHIKICHI A?), where they find that the vast majority of the police force has been annihilated. Sherry leads them inside the factory by crawling through a vent and opening the Corridor (廊下 ROUKA?) from the inside. As Elza operates a panel in the Warehouse (倉庫 SOUKO?), the infected William Birkin breaks out of a nearby elevator and fights Elza; when he is knocked out, the three take the elevator down to the laboratory. Sherry runs off to find her father and Elza and John chase after her only to lose sight of her so they decide to split up and look for her.


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