BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM ~The Little Runaway Sherry~ (バイオハザード2 ドラマアルバム ~小さな逃亡者・シェリー~ Baiohazādo 2 dorama arubamu ~ chīsana tōbō-sha sherī ~?) is a radioplay which aired in February 1999 as part of Radio Osaka's show, Iizuka Mayumi no MEGA-TON Smile (飯塚雅弓のMEGA-TONスマイル?), and was released on CD-ROM on 20 March 1999. Unlike the previous "Doomed Raccoon City" series, The Little Runaway Sherry was written as a sequel to Resident Evil 2 and offered a hypothetical conclusion to Sherry Birkin's story arc which would ultimately be ignored in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The play was directed by Toshihiro Sato, and was written by FLAGSHIP screenwriters Kyoko Sagiyama, Junichi Miyashita and Yasuyuki Suzuki.


A full translation of the drama album can be found here.

The play is split into four Acts, each set on a different night.

First Night-Two Girls

Japanese name
Dai ichi-yo 'futari no shōjo' (第一夜「二人の少女」?)
Track length

The opening explains that the magnitude of the t-Virus disaster was of a great surprise to both the US federal government and Umbrella. Behind closed doors, it was decided that the city should be quarantined and burn to the ground.[excerpt 1]

Jim and his granddaughter, Meg are out in their garden against the Arklay Mountains watching the red sky caused by the burning city; according to radio news bulletins, the fire was caused by a gas station explosion that went out of control. Sherry rushes into the garden through the bushes, and the two help the frightened girl. When she mentions she is from Raccoon City, a helicopter attacks the house, killing Jim. Meg and Sherry escape. As she lets Sherry continue talking, she becomes distrusting of the girl, who seems to think that there were zombies in the city. Meg tries to reassure her that she was only dreaming. The two enter the house of a man named Robert, and find a pool of blood dripping from a table. A police officer, Alan, arrives in the house and offers them help, having received reports about strange things happening around Stone Ville recently.

Second Night-Raccoon City Once More...

Japanese name
Dai ni-yo 'rakūnshiti futatabi…' (第二夜「ラクーンシティ再び…」?)
Track length
Early in the next morning, Lewis arrives at the local drugstore his father runs. When asked what he's doing in so early, he explains that he's been having trouble sleeping for a while due to some commotion outside. A customer ("Male Shopper A") interjects; there have been similar problems with residents John and Henry regarding some animal. The shopkeeper mentions having gone over to Steve's house the previous evening with a delivery. While steam was coming out of a pot in the kitchen, Steve wasn't around to prepare dinner. He reported it to Alan, but neither were able to find the man. A shopgirl relates the commotion to the recent events in Raccoon City. Reminded of the city's recent accident, Lewis brings up the strange way it simply burnt down. Mr. Finch, the town's Mayor, arrives in the shop. He shows signs of being overworked. One of the men in the shop brings up the girl - Sherry - who escaped from Raccoon, and how Guy helped Sheriff Alan look after her.
Mayor Finch enters the county sheriff's office, meeting Sheriff Alan and Guy inside. He asks where Sherry is; Guy reveals she and Meg are in the back room sleeping. Finch becomes frustrated that he cannot talk to her, and feels that the sheriff is keeping him out of the loop in information about Raccoon City, insisting that as the Mayor he should know. When Finch leaves, Guy shows irritation with him, pointing out that the police report hasn't even been written yet. He is reminded about the report, and asks Alan if it's true the missing man - Robert - transformed into a zombie. Moving back to Finch, the two agree that he only cares that the town is running smoothly so he can persuade the Umbrella Corporation to open a factory nearby.
Sherry and Meg come into the office through the backdoor; the two men offer them some soup in an adjoining room. Due to the incident the previous night, Alan wants to guarantee the girls' safety; Meg next-of-kin is an aunt in Toronto. Alan asks if Sherry has any relatives he can contact - she has nobody. Guy concludes her mother and father must have been killed in the incident, inadvertently saying this in front of Sherry. She tells him he is correct, and starts crying. Meg tries to comfort her, and the two leave their soups and head outside. Guy apologises to Alan for making her cry; Alan doesn't think he should be ashamed. Interested in Sherry's parents and Raccoon City, he suggests they keep the two girls with them and go over to investigate the ruins themselves.
Later, Alan is driving a police cruiser along the highway with Meg as his passenger. He points out military trucks along the way and a helicopter heading into the city. Soon they reach a checkpoint. A soldier orders them to turn back due to the road closure. Using his status, Alan tries to gain permission on law enforcement grounds; the soldier repeats that no one is allowed entry. The car u-turns back up the highway, but Alan is not done yet. He rationalises that there must be something else in Raccoon City; the army wouldn't be called in to put out a fire. Alan detours onto a rough mountain road to get past the road block unnoticed. Meg sees the red skies she saw the night before, indicating the fire consuming Raccoon City.
Inside Raccoon City, buildings are collapsing and rubble falls all over the place. The police car moves in slowly are carefully; Alan and Meg get out to investigate. She spots people in the distance wearing strange clothes; Alan identifies them with shock as being hazmat suits, suggesting they are dealing with something dangerous. He works out that they are part of the "epidemic prevention unit", a special forces unit tasked with fighting in environments subjected to chemical and biological warfare. Meg is still confused as to why they are there. A helicopter flies over and drops off more special forces troops via rope; they begin incinerating more of the city with flamethrowers. A soldier radios in his arrival to headquarters, and is warned to stay away from the T-virus. Listening in, Meg and Alan now have some idea what's happening. Five people walk out of a building the new team incinerated; Meg and Alan are disturbed by their disfigurements as their skin appears to peel off their faces, with one man missing an eye. The soldiers turn their attention to the five zombies and incinerate them, too. Alan believes what Sherry told him - Raccoon City didn't fall to a fire; it fell to the zombies and was then set on fire.
The two quickly get back to the patrol car as another helicopter flies overhead. Meg identifies it as the same one that attacked her; Jim and Sherry the previous night. Alan notices the Umbrella Corporation logo on its side. The car is subject to machinegun fire, and takes violent strafes to dodge. The car hits a tree at the edge of the forest and bursts into flames. Alan orders Meg to run through to safety while he distracts the helicopter.
Back in Stone Ville, Mayor Finch receives a telephone call from Umbrella, inquiring as to Sherry's location. They reveal her father's importance to the company. Finch makes a deal with Umbrella - he will hand Sherry over in exchange for a factory being built nearby.
In the sheriff's office, Guy offers Sherry some hot milk. She is anxious - she hasn't heard from Meg yet and it's almost dark. Guy cheers her up, saying that she'd be safe with Alan because he's lucky. His superior is described as being different for a small town sheriff, and he suspects Alan may have once been a city police officer. The wind outside picks up, and Sherry becomes anxious again when she hears the sound of a crow cawing.
Out in the forest, Meg has gotten lost. She hears the many wild sounds of the forest, from insects to owls to jackals. She hears a rustling noise in the bushes; she calls out to Sheriff Alan, but only hears an eerie sound respond. Asking who it is, she gets no reply; the sounds multiply and reveal their origin as a gang of zombies. Running from them, Meg soon finds she is encircled, letting out a final wail.

Third Night-Demonic Child Sherry

Japanese name
Dai san-yo 'akuma no ko sherī' (第三夜「悪魔の子・シェリー」?)
Track length
The zombies move towards Meg; her pleads for them to stop go unnoticed. Meg steps back, kicking a stone down a ledge. The zombies move closer still as she stops retreating. Someone fires a gun and a zombie falls over; it is revealed to be Guy, having gone out with Sherry to look for her. The two run up to check if she is OK, but fail to see the other zombies. Guy fires again, calling for Meg and Sherry to run away. As he joins up, the sound of the zombies disappears, replaced by hooting owls and chirping insects. Meg thanks Guy for saving her in the forest; he modestly sweeps it away as them happening to find Alan's wrecked cruiser. More movement is heard from the forest, and Alan arrives. With so many zombies roaming through the forests, Alan feels the need to call in the county police as well as warn the inhabitants of Stone Ville.
An emergency town meeting is called at the sheriff's department. Alan gives the townspeople only two options to solve the crisis: equip themselves with guns to defend themselves, or evacuate the town. A man ("Townsman 1") chooses to arm himself, adamant that their quiet town remain peaceful; a woman ("Townswoman 1") decides to flee, believing that whatever destroyed Raccoon City is too great for them to handle. Mayor Finch objects: so that everyone gets rich from the opening of a new Umbrella factory, they all have to remain quiet about this incident. Alan points out what Sherry told him about Umbrella being the creators of the T-Virus. Finch's apology for Umbrella is that it was the work of a single researcher, and not the company as a whole, seeking to blame everything on Dr. William Birkin. Finch informs the others that that researcher is now dead so they have no one left to blame; he also brings up that Umbrella wants Alan to hand over Sherry before their deal can go through. Finch clarifies to a confused Alan that Sherry is Dr. William Birkin's daughter. The townspeople are shocked by this revelation.
Back on the highway, Guy drives a police cruiser. It will take three hours for him to reach police reinforcements. Seeing something by the road, he stops. Looking out down the road, Guy sees a black mass wriggling along the road. Focusing, he realises they are rats - giant black rats. A branch breaks in the woods, possibly from the sheer weight of them all.
Back at the sheriff's department, Mayor Finch continues his demands, labeling Sherry's new friend Claire a criminal by association of helping her out of the city. Sherry defends Claire, but accepts the crimes of her parents; Finch declares her to be the child of the devil, who must be taken out of the town and handed over to Umbrella. He earns the support of other townspeople, who become angered. Meg is angered by their hostility and brands the crowd "shameless"; their groans quieten down. She attacks the very notion that Sherry should be blamed for her parents' actions and be treated as though she was the perpetrator. Finch regains support by asking if the audience would really protect a stranger.
Alan shoots into the air to get everyone's attention. He will not be handing anyone over. The townspeople no longer care what the sheriff has to say, and move in on Sherry. Alan fires again and the three run into his office. As the townspeople bang on the doors to get in, Meg pushes a table in the way and Sherry moves towards the window.
Back on the highway, Guy sees a Cerberus leave the woods. A distant growl suggests more creatures are approaching. He fires at the encroaching animals, but is unable to protect himself from them and is attacked.
In the sheriff's office, Meg gets Alan some coffee so he stays awake. Despite the trauma, Sherry is sleeping. Meg reveals why she was living with her grandfather: her father was a violent alcoholic who would attack her and her mother. When Meg was ten years old, her mother ran away, leaving Meg behind to be beaten more. The next year her father was killed by a drunk driver. She would like to meet her mother again in New York, but she is still hurt by the abandonment.
At Finch's house, the Mayor receives a phone call in his study. Umbrella wants an update on the situation with Sherry; he apologises for failing to take her away from the sheriff, but is told bluntly that she isn't needed right now. The contact then hangs up - or the phone is disconnected - much to the confusion of Finch. Hearing a noise outside, Finch opens the door to investigate. A man walks up to the door, refusing to talk to him. When Finch sees the rotting flesh on the man's body it is too late, and he is grabbed and bitten.

Fourth Night-Sherry, Live!

Japanese name
Dai shi-yo `sherī, iki nasai!' (第四夜「シェリー,生きなさい!」?)
Track length
Alan wakes up in the morning, still trapped in his office. While stretching, he is relieved nothing bad has happened in his sleep. Outside, he hears cars honking. Meg wakes up, wondering what all the commotion is. Alan concludes that the city is evacuating. Alan rushes to the door. Heading outside, he sees a large murder of crows flying over the city and damaging cars. A townsperson ("Townsperson 1") screams as their car collides with another and bursts into flames. Looking further, Alan finds zombies in the town. A car stops in front of the sheriff's department. The driver ("Townsperson 2") tells Alan he must leave immediately as there are too many zombies to handle. Alan heads back to the sheriff's office to get out of town with Meg and Sherry. Heading inside, he hears a zombie shambling inside, having gotten in behind him.
The sound of zombies becomes louder and louder as they move up to the door. The windows are broken. Sherry is awoken, screaming. Alan takes out a shotgun and fires at the window. Meg alerts Alan to the door. He fires again. With more zombies coming, the two girls are told to climb to the roof for safety and then commandeer a car. Alan has Sherry grab his hand to get up.
At the top, she gasps as she sees the entire town succumbing to the t-Virus. There are too many around for them to get to a car safely. Alan sees the nearby sawmill, and plans to take a truck from it and drive off to safety. A helicopter flies over, which Alan identifies as being from the Air Force, confirming that the US military is now aware of the situation. Meg waves, hoping they will see them and drop a ladder. Instead, the helicopter fires a napalm missile at the town, which quickly bursts into flames. Alan hears the zombies groaning through the flames. Remembering Raccoon City, Alan wonders if destroying entire towns is the military's default method. The sheriff's office catches fire; the three jump off the roof and into an alleyway.
From the alleyway, Meg looks back up at the sky; she sees another group of helicopters approaching, recognising them as the helicopters that dropped off the "epidemic prevention unit" to clear out Raccoon City. Alan is still armed, this time with an automatic weapon. Two people - "Townsman 1" and "Townswoman 1" - run down a nearby street looking for a safe place to hide; they are gunned down by the special forces team. The three witnesses know to stay hidden, but are still intent on going to the sawmill.
When the three arrive at the sawmill, they find its door has been locked. Instead, they are forced to climb through a wire mesh fence. Meg and Sherry make it through with the help of Alan, but he is left behind as the zombies approach. Low on time, Alan shouts out that the truck is in the garage. As the infected move in further, Alan gives up waiting and tells them to catch up with him later. As he fires at the zombies, the two girls run into the garage. Climbing in the truck, Meg finds that the keys were left in. She tells Sherry that Alan will be back soon, intent on waiting for a sign before driving out.
While waiting, they see a military truck pull over outside; men get out wearing gas masks. Sherry identifies them as men she saw in Raccoon City, who she believes to be hunting her. The two lay on the seats to hide; they hear the men breathing through their gas masks as they approach. The breathing then gradually declines, and the two are confident they eluded the men. The door suddenly opens up and Sherry is dragged out; Meg demands they release her. The USS agent is shot by Alan, who has finally returned in time to save them. Finch reveals that Umbrella was annoyed at Finch's incompetence and decided to catch Sherry themselves. More Umbrella agents approach and begin firing. Alan jumps into the truck and they get read to start it up. Meg sees one of the Umbrella agents throw a grenade, totaling the truck. Uninjured, the three are forced to leave town on foot for the time being. Moving back through the town they find the town in an even worse condition. Alan suggests heading over to the lumber yard and getting a boat from there.
The three find the river as they approach the lumber yard; they know they are on the right track because of the wood being floated down river to the sawmill. Meg suggests they float down the river by using the timber as rafts. Alan likes the idea, but decides to stay behind; as he was bitten, he risks spreading the infection past the town. He tells the girls that gasoline is being stored in the shed; he intends to use it. Meg insists he join them, but he resists.
Alan tells them about why he is a small-town sheriff. Seven years ago, in 1991, he was a cop for the New York Police Department. One night he and a colleague found themselves in a fierce gunfight with some street thugs, who were later revealed to be other police officers, having all been sent to the same address in response to a false report. The criminals they were to arrest were already dead. The three hear the town explode in the distance; zombies leave the town towards them, with helicopters in pursuit. Alan goes on, explaining that he moved to Stone-Ville as part of his own personal punishment, too ashamed to work for a city police. Alan is urged to fulfill his roles as sheriff before transforming; angered at Umbrella and the US military's cooperation, he wants to fight them in retaliation of their town destruction.
Meg and Sherry climb onto the raft. As the zombies get further, a helicopter strafes at Alan. He pours gasoline all over the place as the two girls set off downriver. Alan takes out a lighter and drops it to the ground. The building goes up in flames, taking a number of zombies and some USS along with it.
The two girls float downriver, watching the flames rise from the lumber yard. Sherry asks if Alan died; Meg tells her he sacrificed himself to save Sherry, so she must make sure to survive or his death will be in vain. Meg says the two will go to Canada to stay with her aunt, and when everything is calm again they will go looking for Claire.



Character Actor Notes
Sherry (シェリー Sherī?) Mayumi Iizuka (飯塚雅弓) The 12-year old titular character.
Meg (メグ Megu?) Kotono Mitsuishi (三石琴乃) The 18-year old protagonist.
Finch (フィンチ Finchi?) Rokurō Naya (納谷六朗) Town Mayor.
Alan (アレン Aren?) Jun'ichi Sugawara (菅原淳一) A 35-year old sheriff.
Guy (ガイ Gai?) Kentarō Itō (伊藤健太郎) Sheriff Alan's assistant.
Jim (ジム Jimu?) Mitsuru Ogata (小形満) Meg's grandfather. Killed in Act 1.
Lewis (ルイス Ruisu?) Eiji Takemoto (竹本英史)
Male customer (男客 Otoko kyaku?) Kōhei Kowada (小和田貢平) Appears in Act 2
Shopgirl (女店員 On'na ten'in?) Yumiko Suzuki (鈴木由美子) Appears in Act 2
Narration (ナレーション Narēshon?) Rokurō Naya (納谷六朗)
Shopkeeper (店主 Tenshu?) Mitsuru Ogata (小形満) Appears in Act 2
Soldier (兵士 Heishi?) Eiji Takemoto (竹本英史) A checkpoint guard appearing in Act 2.
Voice on wireless (無線の声 Musen no koe?) Kōhei Kowada (小和田貢平) Appears in Act 2
Townsman 1 (町の男1 Machi no otoko 1?) Mitsuru Ogata (小形満) Appears in Act 3
Townsman 2 (町の男2 Machi no otoko 2?) Kōhei Kowada (小和田貢平) Appears in Act 3
Townswoman 1 (町の女1 Machi no on'na 1?) Yumiko Suzuki (鈴木由美子) Appears in Act 3
Townsperson 1 (町の人1 Machi no hito 1?) Eiji Takemoto (竹本英史) Appears in Act 3
Townsperson 2 (町の人2 Machi no hito 2?) Kōhei Kowada (小和田貢平) Appears in Act 3
Male resident (住人の男 Jūnin no otoko?) Eiji Takemoto (竹本英史) Appears in Act 4
Female resident (住人の女 Jūnin no on'na?) Yumiko Suzuki (鈴木由美子) Appears in Act 4


  • Executive Producer: Kenichi Tanaka
  • Producer: Mareo Yamada
  • A&R: Hidenori Shinohara
  • Scenario: FLAGSHIP
  • Director: Toshihiro Sato
  • Coordinator: Kisuke Koizumi (Jinnan Studio)
  • Sound Effects: Hiroki Nozaki (Onjjyuku)
  • Mixing Engineer: Hiroyasu Yamashita (Hiro Sound Technic)
  • Recording Studio: Jinnan Studio
  • Mastering Engineer: Yoshihiko Ando (Harion)
  • Mastering Studio: Harion
  • Music:
    • Capcom Sound Team
    • Yasunori Mitsuda (Procyon Studio)
    • Yoshitaka Hirota
  • Art Coordinator: Yoshiaki Hosoda (Sony Music Communications)
  • Art Designer: Masato Suzuki (Sony Music Communications)
    • Image Creator: Hideto Yasuda (Sony Music Communications)
  • Promoter: Yuka Fujiwara (Capcom)



  1. Excerpt from "First Night", Chapter One:
    「1998年、大惨事がアメリカ中西部の町ラクーンシティを襲った。国際企業アンブレラがしたTウィルスが人間をゾンビに変え、 瞬く間にラクーンシティを死の町に変えたのだ。ことの重大さに驚いたアメリカ合衆国政府とアンブレラ薬品は事件を極秘のうちに処理するため、 付近一帯を封鎖し、 ラクーンシティを焼き払うことを決定した。そして二日後…」

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