BIOHAZARD 2 Drama Album ~The Female Spy Ada Lives~ (バイオハザード2 ドラマアルバム ~生きていた女スパイ・エイダ~ Baiohazādo 2 dorama arubamu ~ ikiteita on'na supai Eida ~?) is a sound drama for the Biohazard series (Resident Evil outside of Japan). It was made by CAPCOM's in-house musical department, "Suleputer," with a catalogue number of CPCA-1025.[1] A translation of the drama album can be found at Project Umbrella.[2]


The album deals with Ada's continuing quest to recover a sample of the G-Virus, after having failed to retrieve one in Raccoon City, where she was believed dead. With the only known surviving sample being in the possession of the Umbrella agent, HUNK, Ada heads off to France, where he is due to hand the sample over to Umbrella in Loire. A mysterious epidemic leads to the village's destruction by the French Air Force.

First Night - The French Troops Dispatch

Japanese name
Dai ichi-yo 'Furansu-gun shutsudō' (第一夜「フランス軍出動」?)
Track length

The date and time is October 5, 1998; 20:44. A combat helicopter for the French Air Force flies over. Its crew consists of Capitaine Jacob - the team leader; Private First Class Joel - the pilot, and Privates First Class Philippe and Gaston. Arriving at the French village of Loire, they make preparations for "Operation: Loire Tiger" (作戦コード:ロワールティグル。 Sakusen kōdo: Rowāru tiguru?). It is revealed that they are being sent to the southwestern village in response to a viral outbreak which occurred on October 2, resulting in the deaths of all 1200 citizens. Jacob has Joel turn on a searchlight; seeing a church, it confirms they have reached Loire. Jacob orders Gaston to fire canisters of Napalm at the village. Philippe sees someone running into the church, and stops Gaston firing the third canister; he identifies the person as a woman with a handgun, wearing a red battlesuit. Joel is ordered to land in the village square to investigate, despite the flames. The church roof catches fire, and Jacob turns it into a rescue mission. The helicopter lands in the square, and the men put on masks to go around the flames; Joel is ordered to stay behind for ease of exit. Jacob gets in touch with Command on his radio, informing them of the sighting, and his suspicions that the woman is known to the French military as "143A". They find the woman under the rubble, unconscious. Ready to head out, a house falls onto the helicopter. Joel manages to get out of the cockpit before being burnt. The woman wakes up, asking where she is. Philippe tells her she is in Loire; Jacob then orders him to get help from Command, only to find they are unable to get in touch. He repeats himself in hopes they'll eventually get his transmission. Jacob asks Joel for the map of the area, but is informed that it was destroyed along with the helicopter. Jacob rehearses from memory that there is a forest to the south of the village; the team is ordered to head through there.

Moving through the forest, the team removes their masks. Jacob asks the woman for her name and why she was in Loire, but she fails to answer. Since they aren't police or MPs, she isn't obligated to answer their questions. Jacob explains to an annoyed Gaston that the woman's identity will be revealed back at headquarters. Philippe tries to get in contact with Command again, but stops when he hears a strange sound in the woods. As the sound comes closer, it begins to seem more like a moan. Philippe orders who ever it is to step forward. More moans drown out the first as they approach. Ada realises what's happening, but doesn't have her handgun. When Philippe sees a person, concludes that people had escaped the village and hidden in the forest. Joel moves closer and sees the people have rotten flesh. Jacob tells Joel to run, calling the people zombies; the team do not understand, and Joel is bitten. Gaston shouts to Joel to run and begins shooting at the zombie. He is confused by the zombie not falling. Ada advices them to shoot them in the head. Joel falls to the zombies, and the group run away through the woods.

The group reach a mountain stream and rest. Philippe asks Jacob about the situation, remembering a report of an epidemic wiping out the village people. Jacob explains with confidential information: ten days prior, the American community of Raccoon City was destroyed after an outbreak of the t-Virus, a mutagenic virus engineered by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals known for turning people into zombies. He adds that Loire fell to the t-Virus five days later. Philippe cannot understand how a virus could spread such a distance in only five days. Jacob adds that 143A, Ada Wong, was also in Raccoon City ten days ago and her appearance in France coincided with the outbreak. Ada denies the allegation she had anything to do with the spill. Philippe gets on the radio to Headqaurters. With no one at the other end, he changes between frequencies, eventually finding the voice of a young woman, Christine, who claims to be based in a country police department near Arles. When informed of the current situation - that the helicopter is damaged and they are trapped in the woods - she is unable to help due to the police force being away. In case the situation changes, Jacob estimates they are 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) south of the village. Christine is aware of Earl Henry's castle to the west of their location, and suggests they ask the janitor for the phone. Meanwhile, Christine will try and get in touch with the military.

The team reach the castle. Looking for a way in, they see bloodstains all over the floor and walls. The door slams shut and locks them in.

Second Night - Nightmare Castle

Japanese name
Dai ni-yo 'akumu no kojō' (第二夜「悪夢の古城」?)
Track length

Jacob hears someone in the distance and calls them out. Gaston believes them to be trapped in the building. Jacob orders Philippe to call the regional police station via the radio. A woman (Christine Henry) responds on the radio, asking if they have reached the castle. Explaining that they are trapped, Jacob notices old blood stains and asks what happened there; Christine remains quiet. She reluctantly mentions that the former Earl went on a murderous rampage five years ago, killing eight servants. The castle was largely abandoned afterwards due to the belief it was haunted. Christine tells the group that certain drawings were made during the police investigation of the murders, and they could be useful in finding an exit. While waiting for Christine to report them in, Jacob and Gaston look around the castle, with Philippe given orders to keep an eye on Ada.

Moving into a hall with a clock ticking, Philippe lights up his Zippo lighter, thinking about the "demons" he shot outside. He asks Ada if she smokes, but she keeps quiet. He brings up that the demons he encountered were first reported in Raccoon City. Ada gives up on the silent treatment and tells him not to underestimate the zombies, that Raccoon City is the only American city above 20,000 people to fall into such chaos in only ten days. As Ada describes the zombies, Gaston and Jacob can be heard in the distance shooting at unseen foes. Philippe brings Ada to go check it out.

Running through the castle corridors, Philippe realises he is lost in a maze-like layout. In the distance he can hear Jacob screaming at someone to stop approaching him followed by two shots. Ada works out that the sound is coming from underneath, and the two run downstairs. Ada sees that someone has fallen further ahead. Philippe checks the body, finding it to be Gaston. His face has been torn through along with his torso. Captain Jacob is nowhere to be found. Ada looks at the damage, and judges Gaston to have been killed by something other than a zombie. They hear a low growling noise as a creature walks nearby. Philippe spies the creature in the darkness, which is revealed to be a Cerberus. Ada tells Philippe to get down, and she shoots the dog dead. Philippe is confused by the dog's decomposed body, but Ada can only say that it is a military animal made more ferocious before another Cerberus walks in. As more arrive, the two run down the corridor looking for any escape route. Christine gets back on the radio; Philippe asks if she has found the castle plan. As much as he remembers, Philippe is to the south of the entrance in an underground section. While she looks through the map, Ada and Philippe reach the end of the corridor and hide in a room.

Third Night - Leon...

Japanese name
Dai san-yo 'Reon….' (第三夜「レオン…。」?)
Track length

Fourth Night - Come Back to Life, Ada!

Japanese name
Dai shi-yo 'yomigaere, Eida!' (第四夜「よみがえれ、エイダ!」?)
Track length



The major characters and their actors are listed on the official Capcom page, whereas other characters are listed in the CD booklet.[3]

Character Actor Notes
Announcement (アナウンス?)
Christine (クリスチーヌ Kurisuchīnu?) Michiko Neya (根谷 美智子?)
Ada Wong (エイダ・ウォン Eida Won?) Yūko Mizutani (水谷 優子?)
Philippe (フィリプ Firipu?) Yūji Ueda (上田 祐司?) Private First Class. 26 years old
Gaston (ガストン Gasuton?) Shigeru Ushiyama (牛山 茂?) Private First Class. 24 years old.
Jacob (ジャコブ Jakobu?) Takumi Yamazaki (山崎 たくみ?) Capitaine. Team leader. 33 years old.
Joel (ジョエル Joeru?) Eiji Takemoto (竹本 英史?) Private First Class. Pilot. 24 years old.
Leon S. Kennedy (レオン Reon?) Takeshi Maeda (前田 剛?)
Narrator Rokurō Naya (納谷 六朗?)
Voice on radio (無線の声?)


  • Executive Producer: Kenichi Tanaka
  • Producer: Mareo Yamada
  • A&R - Hidenori Shinohara
  • Scenario: FLAGSHIP
  • Director: Toshihiro Sato
  • Coordinator: Kisuke Koizumi (Jinnan Studio)
  • Sound Effects: Hiroki Nozaki (Onjjyuku)
  • Mixing Engineer: Hiroyasu Yamashita (Hiro Sound Technic)
  • Recording Studio: Studio Echo
  • Mastering Engineer: Yoshihiko Ando (Harion)
  • Mastering Studio: Harion


Further notes

The opening narration for Act 1 makes reference to Sheriff Alan; Meg and Sherry Birkin from the "Little Runaway Sherry" drama album.


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