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BIOHAZARD 2 PROLOGUE OF TERRORS is a magazine that was published by Media Factory, Inc. in 1998. Its rarity has made it much sought-after by collectors.

Content description[]

Introduction (pages 4-9)[]

Six pages at the beginning are devoted to screenshots and illustrations, and include footage relating to the live-action advert for BIOHAZARD 2, which was directed by George A. Romero.

Character File (pages 10-13)[]

Following that is a presentation of the game's cast, with fairly-consistent lengths of description, along with artwork; screenshots and preparatory sketches.

Raccoon File (pages 14-15)[]

A two-page dossier entitled "Raccoon File", describing Raccoon Police Department and its police station and S.T.A.R.S. An insert is for costumes used in the commercial BIOHAZARD 2. Another insert is for an concept art of the morgue, accompanied by descriptive text.

Weapon File (pages 14-19)[]

This section lists the weapons of Resident Evil 2, accompanied by photographs of the weapons in the TV-CM.

Monster File (pages 20-31)[]

Two pages are dedicated to the Zombies themselves, filled with large illustrations of the female and police officer zombies. Another two pages cite major inspirations for the game, listing Night of the Living Dead; Dawn of the Dead (known in Japan as "Zombie: Dawn of the Dead"); The Dead Next Door; Another Evil Dead: The Return of the Living Dead ("Battalion"); Return of the Living Dead 3 ( "Battalion Returns"); Dead Heat ("Zombie Cop"), and "Maniac Cop". Pages 24–31 describe the other creatures in the series thus far, with the final two pages devoted to the original game's enemies. However, there is no section devoted to the T-103, with its existence being kept a secret.

Movie Like Horror Game としてのBio Hazard (pages 32-47)[]

This section, in black-and-white, discussed the horror styles that inspired the games, and contains subsections titled: "Another Bio Hazard"; "Roots of Horror", and "Horror Movies".

Horror Comedy (pages 48-55)[]

Pages 50–55 deal with "Horror Movie Links"; that is, references to horror films within Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2.

SF HorrorとしてのBio Hazard (pages 56-57)[]