BIOHAZARD 3 (バイオハザード3 Baiohazādo 3?) is a cancelled game that was being made for PlayStation. It is unrelated to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. One of its development nicknames is "Ship BIO" (船バイオ) in reflection of its setting.


BIOHAZARD 3 was to sequel the events of "4th Survivor", continuing with the exploits of HUNK, a USS agent previously seen in Resident Evil 2. In the story he was to be sent to retrieve a sample of the G-Virus while getting caught up in a viral outbreak on a cruise ship. An alternative standard enemy to the Zombies was envisioned, with the t-Virus infusing plant DNA into infected humans.[1]


BIOHAZARD 3 was the brainchild of Hideki Kamiya, who began working with what became FLAGSHIP towards the end of Resident Evil 2's development in late 1997. Having already shown an isolated mansion and a city, Kamiya intended for a cruise ship to be the next setting for the franchise to keep it original.[2] Not long into production, Kamiya grew disinterested with his job as Producer, and stepped down in favour of being a Planner as he was in the original Resident Evil.[3] Kazunori Kadoi would then join the project having finished on Rockman Dash.[4] Director Massaki Yamada expressed frustration with the change in staff.[3]


In terms of technology, BIOHAZARD 3 was comparable to Resident Evil 2, Capcom having determined they could not improve PlayStation technology much beyond what that game was capable of. The game was planned to rely on pre-rendered backgrounds of better visual quality than 3D environments typical of games at the time, with as many as sixteen separate backgrounds per room, the limit they could do.[5][3] Inspired by Dino Crisis, Kamiya did experiment with 3D full-poly environments.[6]


Artist Satoshi Nakai, a freelancer hired by FLAGSHIP, was brought on board to provide creature designs. Nakai would provide designs for the franchise for the next few years.


In mid-1998 Sony announced their new PlayStation 2 console, to release in 2000. Capcom became concerned that a AAA game would have diminished sales if close to the PS2's release date, and tasked studio manager Shinji Mikami with producing a new Resident Evil title for it. Kamiya was offered the Producer job, and agreed to the offer to work on a next-gen game as Director.[7] BIOHAZARD 3 was immediately cancelled as a superfluous project, and its developers migrated over to the new project, which would take on the same name. However, the plot, programming and designs were scrapped in favour of starting from the ground-up to better utilise the PS2's hardware.[8]


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