BIOHAZARD 3 (バイオハザード3 Baiohazādo 3?) Aka Biohazard Gaiden (バイオハザード外伝 Baiohazādo gaiden?) is the name of a cancelled game in the Resident Evil series. It is unrelated to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis or the Game Boy Color Title.


According to some sources, the plot of BIOHAZARD 3 involved the character HUNK, a USS agent previously seen in Resident Evil 2. In the story he was to be caught up in a viral outbreak on a cruise ship. A common enemy time was intended to be plant-based.


The game was the brainchild of Hideki Kamiya, who had previously directed Resident Evil 2. He imagined a cruise ship as a logical step for the franchise in keeping to original settings.[1] With the approach of the PlayStation 2 games console, Kamiya was instructed to abandon development for the old console, and development stopped in mid-1998. The entire plot was rejected and Kamiya chose to start all over again.[2] Moving the team over to another BIOHAZARD 3 which was renamed to BIOHAZARD 4, later scrapped and became it's own game in favor of a completely new BIOHAZARD 4 project taking over.

Some aspects of the game may have been recycled for 2002's Resident Evil: Dead Aim, which also featured a viral outbreak on a cruise ship.


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