The BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE THE FASTEST (バイオハザード3ラストエスケープTHE FASTEST Baiohazādo 3 rasutoesukēpu THE FASTEST?) is a 172-page guide book for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It was published by Shueisha under their V Jump imprint.


  • Maps of all the places in the game + Map of Raccoon City
  • Presentation and description of the characters (with artworks)
  • Presentation of the monsters in the game
  • Description of the different game modes
  • Presentation of new possibilities in the game: dodging the barrels of gasoline, fast turn around, creating ammunition, "Live Action Selection"
  • Full Game Guide / Quick illustrated with maps, screenshots and some artwork, solutions to puzzles, alternative scenes description
  • Explanation of the ranking system
  • Chapter on Mercenaries mode: characters, missions, ranking, points, rewards, maps
  • Secrets of the Game: costume bonus, epilogues, configuration of the controller


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