BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.1 is the first volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The story starts with the ending of the Mansion Incident. The T-002 lunges at Jill as Brad drops the missile launcher from the helicopter. The Tyrant is thrown by the force of impact back towards the elevator, though the rocket does not explode until the enemy has already been knocked down.

The story jumps to September 27 (九月廿七日). The UBCS are deployed to Raccoon City in response to strange occurrences there,[excerpt 1] many being heavily armed. Carlos is shown a crucifix necklace by a fellow soldier, Jeff.[note 1] Captain Mikhail Victor, who is also on the helicopter, debriefs his men (Sergeant Nikolai keeps to himself) on the mission en route.

Dario abandons his wife and daughter.

Within the city, a family of three runs down a deserted street and hide in an alleyway. The mother holds her young daughter's mouth to keep her quite, hoping the zombies will simply pass by. However, they do not seem to be a lucky family:[excerpt 2] the father, Dario Rosso discovers that a zombie is already in the alleyway (having consumed a corpse completely beyond recognition), and the three set off again. Dario's wife falls over—his daughter cries out "Mommy!"[excerpt 3] but manages to get up. Looking onwards from the gate leading to a warehouse, he loses it. Only a few feet away from the gate, he slams the gate on his family and abandons them to the zombies as he runs on.

Elsewhere in the city, the UBCS helicopters begin dropping off their mercenaries, coinciding and intertwining with the R.P.D.'s last-ditch effort to take out the infected. In one case, a mercenary with a liking for grenades allows one to detonate within close proximity of some S.W.A.T. police. The zombies continue to advance on the S.W.A.T. police, too numerous for them to manage. Carlos, meanwhile, does well against them with Jeff, even taking out a zombie behind him by using his assault rifle as a melee instrument. However, even these two can't hold out for long, and the zombies go for Jeff's arm. Injured, he gives Carlos his crucifix necklace to remember him by, and forces him down a manhole to safety while he tries to slow the zombies down, declaring that one death is better than two.[excerpt 4] After a short assault, both the police and the UBCS have been almost entirely annihilated.

One of the successful results of the Sniper program.

In an Umbrella facility, an executive and a researcher examine a Tyrant in a fluid tank. Having flashbacks from its human life, the Tyrant suddenly yells out in emotional pain. Although the researcher is concerned, the executive has him insert a capsule containing an infant NE-α Type parasite into the tank. It swims to the body and burrows a whole inside the Tyrant's leg. The Tyrant yells out in pain as it burrows into the bone, releasing a final great scream as the parasite's newly-grown tentacles emerge from all over its body. In another room, the executives discuss William Birkin's recent G-Virus infection, awaiting for the completion of the Tyrant/NE-α bonding process. The experiment is a success, and a Sniper is formed.

Jill crouches down and examines a stuffed bear in the rain against some corpses, evidence that a child had been caught up in the calamity. Closing her eyes as a mark of respect, a gang of zombie townspeople notice her and walk up from behind. Jill knows exactly what is coming, having fought against zombies before. With a surprise somersault, she gets out of the way as four zombies tumble to the ground. She then takes out her handgun and fires at one of the downed zombies - a UBCS mercenary carrying explosives. The grenades go off and take out the gang of zombies. However, there is not moment of relief for Jill, as more zombies have heard the explosion and come to her. She is forced to flee from the zombies and into a set of alleyways; she bumps into Brad as he takes out a zombie coming from a different direction.

Jill runs after Brad as he races towards the police department, but one of the Snipers, having jumped over the wall, lands in-between the two. Intimidated by its great beaming eyes, Brad falls over in fear. The Tyrant grabs Brad by the shoulder, forces him to turn around and forces a pair of tentacles out of its hand while pressed against Brad's face. Killed by massive brain and skull trauma, the Tyrant turns its beaming eyes to Jill, Brad's body still hung by the monster's powerful grasp.


Further notes

Back cover

The comic came with two competing special editions - a "Blue Blood" and "Green Blood" version. When purchased on release day at a joint event held by Skywalker and Capcom, buyers had the chance of obtaining a "Sniper" and "Hunter" figurine, reflecting the "Blue" and "Green" versions. Only a few hundred of either were produced.[1][2]

The prototype version of the "Blue Blood" figurine differed from the production version in that the Sniper here has two eyes. Since the Sniper in the story loses an eye during the battle with Jill, this may be the reason why the design was altered before production.[3]


  1. The name, Jeff, is represented in Hanzi as Chinese: 謝夫; Pinyin: Xiè fu
  1. Chinese: 一隊軍人正前往發生怪事的地方————RACCOON市。; Pinyin: Yī duì jūnrén zhèng qiánwǎng fāshēng guàishì dì dìfāng————RACCOON shì.
  2. Chinese: 可惜他們似乎不是一個幸運的家庭。; Pinyin: Kěxí tāmen sìhū bùshì yīgè xìngyùn de jiātíng.
  3. Chinese: 媽咪!; Pinyin: Mā mī!
  4. "Go! One death is better than two deads." Chinese: 走!一個死好過兩個死。; Pinyin: Zǒu! Yīgè sǐ hǎoguò liǎng gè sǐ.
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