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BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.10 is the tenth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. Its Chinese name translates as "Battle of the Strongest" (最強之戰). It was published in December 1999.


Continuing with the Birkin/Sniper fight from the end of VOL.9, Birkin is thrown by the force of the explosion into a tram. The Sniper then runs to Birkin and delivers a powerful punch. The Umbrella executives deduce that the Tyrant's fighting skills are from his human life as a boxer. Squeezing into Birkin's giant eye, he is overcome with memories of his career. In a flashback sequence, he is incarcerated after a run-in with armed men and turned into a component of the Tyrant plan.

The Sniper begins having flashbacks.

In the time the Sniper takes unlocking his memories, Birkin's "G" nature brings about his regeneration and mutation into "G-2", replacing its own head with another.[excerpt 1][excerpt 2] Its transformation complete, William starts a new fight, quickly getting the better of the Sniper, even going as far as impaling its Tyrant enemy with its claws.

Meanwhile, at the Saint Michael Clock Tower, Jill looks through the area. Noticing a red and blue herb, she collects them for further use as medicine. Walking into the clock tower, she becomes aware of an interesting key. Running to obtain it, she runs right into a zombie, which is immediately taken out by an unseen individual, who is later revealed to be Carlos. When he gives up hope of being rescued after finding the evac zone to be deserted, Jill slaps him in the face; Carlos leaves the building.

Jill really hates spiders.

Exploring more of the Clock Tower, Jill finds the corpse of a UBCS mercenary, who had died alongside his mine thrower, which Jill takes. Jill finds herself being followed by a mutated spider, which gives her new weapon a chance to show her just what it can do. Taking out the spider, part of the room is also damaged. With another spider approaching, Jill instead uses her STI Eagle 6.0 to take out an explosive. The plan backfires, somewhat, when the spider's babies survive the explosion, being propelled straight down to her.



  • Writer · Lee Chung-hsing (李中興)
  • Production Director · Zhang Yongkang (張永康)
  • Planning · Yu Yongliang (余詠良)


Further notes

The red version (watermarked)

The blue version with promotional items (watermarked)

This volume came in multiple special editions, each at $20. The first of these is the "Caution tape" version, where the book title and titular tape appear over a red background. The second is the "RPD" version, which has a silver-plated Raccoon Police officer emblem over a blue background. The special editions came with their own promotional combat knife model; this time being a four-inch replica of the Resident Evil 2 version, available in four colours.[1]


  1. Excerpt from page 14:
    Chinese: 威廉變得異常的巨大,威廉的頭顱給另一個頭顱取代。; Pinyin: Wēilián biàn de yìcháng de jùdà, wēilián de tóulú gěi lìng yīgè tóulú qǔdài.
  2. Excerpt from page 14:
    Chinese: G-Virus進入第二形態了—G2; Pinyin: G-Virus jìnrù dì èr xíngtàile—G2
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