BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.11 is the eleventh volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was released in December 1999.


The story continues on from the fight at the beginning of VOL.10. William Birkin (in his G-2 mutation) has just impaled the Sniper. The Tyrant makes one final effort to fight back, punching deep into Birkin's own stomach with his left arm. In doing so, more flashbacks are triggered. The Sniper sees itself as a human being and professional wrestler, having a partner (or wife) and a child. He has been abducted and sealed in confinement by Umbrella, who want him for their Tyrant experiments. The bald executive orders his wife be brought in and injects her with a substance before having her shot by the security guards. He orders the son to be brought in as well.


The Sniper witnesses his wife's death in a flashback.

Back to the present, the Sniper becomes more and more aggressive in the fight. With Birkin coughing up blood, the Sniper takes his right arm and punches again. The force from the impact throws Birkin back to the ground. The Tyrant then prepares yet again to deliver a finishing move, releasing its tentacles to maximise damage. Believing itself to have won, it cries out with a loud yell before leaving to continue the hunt for Jill. Birkin, however, has survived, mutating into its G-3 form.


Jill's destructive methods of pest control.

Meanwhile, Jill is surrounded by baby spiders. With the mine thrower, she manages enough focus to load up her weapon and fire down to the floor. She is spared injury from the impact, succeeding in killing the spiders. Jill continues down a hall, obtaining a key from a music box. Walking upstairs into the bell room, Jill finds that a gear is missing, preventing the use of the bell. Jill is awarded the Chronos Chain after deciphering a music box puzzle, deciding that it must logically fit into her Winder Key after some inspection, giving her the Chronos Key.

Downstairs, while searching for the gear, Jill is intrigued three paintings with real clocks over, and three statues in a room. With three small gems, Jill finds that they manipulate the clocks when placed in the hands of each statue. With the paintings representing time, Jill concludes that the past and future must be represented by earlier and later clock times than the present, respectively.


  • Jill
  • Umbrella executive

Further notesEdit

BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.11 - special editions

A comparison between the two special editions (watermarked)

The last page of this volume is a sweepstake competition. The clock in the middle is covered like traditional sweepstake tickets found in magazines, and must be scratched out. If someone was to win in the competition by having the appropriate print version, they would be instructed to inform SkyWalker and pick up their prize. That special prize was a replica of the Boutique Key.[1][2]

There are two special editions of this issue, differentiated by their covers. They both are of a grey background with an Umbrella logo imprinted on it (one being the traditional logo; the other replacing the red with blue).[3] The special editions come with a promotional toy revolver with bullet.[4]


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