BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.12 is the twelfth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was released in December 1999.


The story picks up right where VOL.11 left off; Jill has guessed the combination to the time puzzle and been awarded the Chronos Gear. Heading back to the bell room, the Sniper confronts her at the ladder. Ready to punch, Jill races up the ladder; the Tyrant's fist instead hits the door. Turning back to Jill, it breaks the ladder off, forcing her to jump back down. Jill runs to a spotlight - turning it to face the Sniper, she turns it on. The bright light temporarily blinds it. Jill then throws electrical wiring at the Tyrant, wrapping around it. It electrocutes the creature when it breaks the wires. Falling to the floor, Jil throws the wire up to the bell room to scale the wall like a mountain. Entering the room, the Sniper gets recovers and scales the wall after her - its hands dig into the brick, allowing it to scale, freestyle. Jill hears the creature's movement, and opens fire with the Mine Thrower as soon as it raises its head. The brief incendiary explosion causes the musical dial puzzle to play. It reminds the Tyrant of its human life, handing his child a birthday present at a party. Mesmerized, it struggles towards the music as Jill fires twice more, collapsing against it. Jill succeeds in repelling it, the creature falling out of the window to the ground.

With the Tyrant threat gone, Jill plugs in the Chronos Gear and the bell begins chiming, alerting an Umbrella helicopter to her position to rescue survivors. As it hovers over the tower, the Sniper fires its rocket launcher, destroying it. Jumping to the floor, Jill prepares to fight back once more. However, it immediately attacks her by shooting a tentacle into her chest. Carlos arrives with his assault rifle to help Jill. Firing a rocket at Carlos, the UBCS mercenary is knocked over by a nearby explosion. A further explosion from behind causes the Tyrant to fall into the flames. Despite Jill's further attempts to kill it with her firearms, exposure to the flames only sets about a reaction, turning it into its own Super Tyrant form. She collapses in Carlos' arms as the Tyrant is defeated.

Jill begins dreaming while laid out in the Clock Tower's chapel. Initially having a dream about the Sniper, it turns "meta" when she "awakens" from that dream to find herself in the Spencer Mansion during the S.T.A.R.S. investigation...


Further notes

BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.12 - special edition

Photograph of the special edition (watermarked)

The special edition of this issue came with a replica of the Sniper' personal rocket launcher, which saw its use in this very issue.[1]


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