BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.13 is the thirteenth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was published in December 1999. The title of this particular issue is "Fourth Survivor" (Chinese: 第四生還者; Pinyin: Dì sì shēnghuán zhě).


On the other side of the city from Jill, a man and a woman run through a factory to a train. They are identified as Leon - the man who had saved Sherry earlier - and Ada, a mysterious woman of unknown origin. The two climb aboard the train and Leon operates the controls.[excerpt 1]

As the train moves down a turntable lift, it comes to an emergency stop. It is revealed to have been caused by William (G-2 form) attempting to attack them. Smashing through the metal, his talons scratch Ada during the attempt to open up a hole. Leon uses his newly-found Spark Shot to electrocute Birkin. The first hit doesn't do much damage, and Leon finds that he has now put himself up against the side of the lift. Firing again, the Spark Shot manages to get rid of him for now. Leon takes the injured Ada to the security office, putting her on a bed. William Birkin is revealed to have survived the electric attack elsewhere, the Sniper gets up from the flames, wounded but still able to fight.


At the White House, the US President holds a meeting regarding the events in Raccoon City.

Back in Jill's dreamworld, she is still stunned to find she is back in the mansion, able to understand that she is no longer in the Clock Tower, but failing to conclude that she is having a dream. A Cerberus jumps in through the door and bites Jill on the arm. While she kicks the dog away, she falls down in pain, but recovers after bandaging herself. Exploring the mansion further she discovers the Yawn.



Further notes

There were two special edition covers for this issue - a "Carlos" and a "Leon" edition. The Leon version uses a special, silver laser design, while Carlos' uses a gold. They also came with a collectible combat knife model. When VOL.13 was first released, the special editions sold out within hours due to high demand for this collectible item. As a result, SkyWalker released the items as an independent, collectible product.[1][2][3]


  1. Excerpt from page 3: "RACCOON CITY 災難性的局面已經覆蓋城中每一角落。除了JILL以外, 城的另一邊,這對男女亦在逃亡。他們找到了一輛火車。是LEON, 是剛和卡羅斯一起救了雪妮的LEON。ADA...這女子叫ADA, 她是誰?另外原本跟LEON一起的雪妮在那裡?甫進車廂內, LEON快步跑至控制室。把火車開動。"
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