BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.14 is the fourteenth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The story continues with Jill's encounter with the Yawn in her dream. In the real world, Jill slowly reaches her hand around her STI Eagle 6.0 just as she does in her dream. Carlos intervenes, taking her handgun off her; in her dream, it disappears out of her hand, rendering her unarmed against the snake. Carlos places it in his holster to stop Jill trying to take it.


Military transports fly over the Arklays

At the Umbella office, the executives talk again. The senior, brown-haired man threatens his subordinate, the bald headed man. In a flashback describing recent events, two helicopters carrying members of Army special forces fly over the Arklay Mountains in at two helicopters in preparation for the G-Virus Seizure Operation, resulting in the shooting of Dr. William and his resulting G-Virus infection. Birkin is then seen attacking a man; the appearance of a G-creature in the next panel shows that he tried to impregnate him. The special forces team is now seen manufacturing a "Magnetic Beam Cannon" (光束磁力炮) and firing it.


Birkin considers making Jill a new host

At the church, Carlos removing Jill's handgun has a serious reaction, as she now believes she is being attacked by the Yawn, which is about to bite her. He puts the handgun back in her hand. In Jill's dream, it re-appears, and she uses it against the mutant, killing it in one blow. Jill then suddenly finds herself in the Aqua Ring, with a Neptune approaching her. Still having her handgun, she kills that, too with only one shot. Now submerged and facing a Neptune so large her body could fit in its mouth easily, it succeeds in biting her. So illustrate how real her dream is, two further panels have Jill bleeding in the church, though this is shown in the next panel to not really be there.

The door to the chapel open, a group of zombies sense Jill and walk in. Ready to devour her, a large figure appears from behind them. It is revealed in a two-page spread to be G-3 William Birkin, destroying the head of one zombie with one arm, while preparing to attack the other two with its other three. With all zombies dead, it seeks out Jill as a potential host for its G-embryos...


Further notes

The special edition of this volume had a cover design featuring a Jill Valentine illustration, engraved on silver-plating.[1] A model Gatling gun was this week's promotional toy.[2]


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