BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.15 is the fithteenth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The plot carries on with the special forces unit, split into "A" and "B" teams. Readying the Demon Sword of Paracelsus, they fire it at a G-creature. The force of the impact destroys its bone structure; what remains of it is a fluid mass stuck to a wall, resembling pink chewing gum. With the railgun also opening a hole in the Umbrella facility they are attacking, the soldiers move in in search of the G-Virus sample, finding instead a bizarre G-mutant that has been rendered as a blob (comparable to William Birkin's G-5 mutation, only smaller). It explodes in front of them, with individual pieces of its body forming eyes that look back at them. Understanding that they carry the G-Virus, one of the soldiers encases a blob in a glass case and seals it within a canister to be sent back to base. While moving through the facility, the blob regenerates inside the canister, destroying the glass. It regenerates into a full-sized G-creature, taking out the soldier carrying the canniste. The other two fire back, only for the creature to reach its crawed hand to the helmet of one soldier. Suddenly, a Tyrant appears between the soldier and "G" creature. More appear, eventually encircling the creature as five.

Meanwhile, at Raccoon General Hospital, Nikolai shoots a fellow UBCS mercenary in the knee. Downed, Nikolai shoots him in the left shoulder. Moving his assault rifle to the man's forehead, he is stopped from killing he Monitor by Carlos, who puts his own handgun to Nikolai's head. Nikolai reacts by aiming his own M4A1 at Carlos, taking advantage of the Corporal's hesitation. A shot is fired, and Nikolai's M4A1 falls to the ground; Nikolai himself is thrown across the room, crashing into the injured mercenary. It is revealed that Leon was the shooter. Nikolai moves behind him, using him as a hostage, and a human shied if necessary. Carlos is unable to shoot, for fear he might hit the man. Nikolai, who has no such restraint, shoots directly through the mercenary with his reclaimed M4A1. However, he did not predict setting off the man's hand grenades, destroying part of the hospital room in an explosion. As the hand grenade did not set off on his person, the man was mortally wounded, though alive. Carlos ran after Nikolai as he died next to Leon, who ran out to rejoin Carlos. Carlos is then reminded of Jill, who he needs to save; Leon offers Carlos special medicine he recovered, which he had obtained to treat Ada's injury after being attacked by Birkin.

The two suddenly imagine turning their weapons on each other, with Carlos being seen to blow Leon away with his own M4A1 in a fiery burst of rage. They realise that the women are important to each other, and so agree to do a coin toss. They suddenly turn away from the game and head back into the hospital, using the elevator to enter the secret Umbrella lab. Jumping out of the elevator, the two swiftly deal with a horde of zombies, who were encroaching on both sides of the corridor. While firing away at the zombies, Carlos imagines a zombified Jill. They move into the lab, finding the experimental Hunter Gammas, which they fire at once their tubes automatically drain water.


Further notes

  • In the manhua series, all T-103 Tyrants (bar the Nemesis project models, referred to as "Snipers") are referred to as "T-002".
  • Tying in to SkyWalker's other two then-present publications, "Street Fighter 3.3" and "King of Fighters 99", this volume also had a Y2K edition. This edition also came with a set of poker cards themed on the series.[1][2]


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