BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.16 is the sixteenth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


Returning to the Sniper plot line, we see a flashback to earlier in the story - the Tyrant has just fallen off of the Clock Tower, the force of its impact causing some shaking in the building. After its defeat by Jill, it faces the G-3 William Birkin.

Meanwhile, Jill continues her dream, being attacked by the Neptune (as with the previous issue, blood randomly appears on her body to illustrate just how real she believes the events to be). Somehow, she succeeds in defeating it and a smaller shark, having torn through its insides to escape.

At the Umbrella facility, the five Tyrants prepare to kill the G-creature as one of the USS teams rushes in to investigate the demise of their comrades. The five Tyrants each grab hold of the creature and tear it to pieces. A small piece of flesh flies into the air and lands on one of the soldiers, getting the attention of a Tyrant. It turns to him and delivers a powerful attack; the other soldiers pull back and ready the Demon Sword of Paracelsus. The nearest Tyrant aims its fist at the weapon, while the other four position their arms on each other's right shoulder in preparation to counter the force of the impact.


A Tyrant delivers a powerful Ki blast.

The shot cuts through the Tyrant's right shoulder, passing on to the others. It, however, does not incapacitate them. In fact, the front Tyrant channels a burst of energy into its fist. The Tyrants at the back release energy through contact with their fists, too, transferring from one Tyrant to the next. A build-up of energy reaches the front Tyrant, allowing it to release a powerful Ki blast, which vaporizes members of the fleeing Special Forces team. Two soldiers, however, succeeded in running round the corner in time to avoid the blast. Racing for a door as a Tyrant follows, the soldier who was injured earlier begins coughing. This momentary lapse of pace allows the Tyrant to catch up and deliver a powerful punch to the soldier's abdomen. The G-creature reveals that it has regenerated on his person, which provoked its further attention. The punch sends the man flying into a covered electrical system, killing him on impact. The Tyrant moves towards the final soldier, the "Fourth Survivor"... Three Umbrella executives begin questioning him - the Tyrant has suddenly stopped its attack upon their arrival.

Elsewhere, the Sniper prepares to fight William Birkin. The two creatures both jump off the ground to attack in the air. As they deliver their opening blows (Sniper delivers yet another trademark punch; Birkin slashes through the Tyrant's missing eye socket with a talon), the Grave Digger enters the match. The two briefly end their fight to take on this new threat. The Grave Digger is large enough to be detected by an Umbrella helicopter's radar; it watches on as the tunnel dug by the creature fills with water.


Further notes

There are two Special Editions for this volume, each at $20. The "Nemesis Special Edition" came with two miniature figurines, showing the Nemesis as it appeared at the start of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and as it appeared after the Clock Tower fight. The "RPD Special Edition" came with a promotional MAC11 with a bullet.[1][2][3]


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