BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.17 is the seventeenth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. The story title for this issue is "Revenge" (Chinese: 復仇).


The story flashes back to a meeing between Dr.William and the corporate executives regarding the t-Virus. The executive uses it to eliminate his fellow employees at a party. Returning to the present, William Birkin (G-3 stage) returns to fighting the Sniper after the brief interruption by the Grave Digger in VOL.16. As a normal attack method in this stage, it puts both hands on the Sniper' head as it did to kill the zombies earlier. The Sniper' tentacles manage to save it.

The Umbrella executives continue to watch from the helicopter as the Sniper punches Birkin in the face. With their superhuman fighting, the helicopter is caught up in a whirlwind. An executive on the helicopter continues watching the Grave Digger. Back in the fight, the Sniper tears off the new arms Birkin grew in its G-3 form, leaving it with only two left. It throws itself at the Sniper, who clenches hold of each arm with its own, leaving the two seemingly unable to fight further.


Sniper literally bits the executive's head off.

The bald executive starts typing on a keyboard, sending a message to the Tyrant - it clenches onto Birkin's arms tighter in order to destroy them, succeeding. With Birkin no longer having any arms to defend itself with, the Sniper delivers another punch to its stomach, releasing its tentacles upon collision. With Birkin being torn to pieces, the Umbrella helicopter suddenly attacks the Sniper with its chain gun - it responds by wrapping its tentacles around the helicopter to down it. The helicopter crashes next to the Tyrant. The bald executive tries to escape, but Sniper sees him. Recognising the man, powerful memories flash in the Sniper' mind for just one second.[excerpt 1] Knowing him to be responsible for the murder of his family, the Sniper literally bits the man's head off.

The senior executive continues to sit in his chair with his eyes close, calm. Ready to take him out too, the Sniper is suddenly thrown into the air by Birkin's G4 mutation.


  • Umbrella executives
  • William Birkin

Further notes

The special edition of VOL.17, "Battle Knives Set Special Edition", contains a set of six promotional knives at 3 inches (7.6 cm) in length. They are made of plastic, though with colour plating to give the appearance of being metallic. The cover design on the comic shows an illustration of the knife, using a special laser design.[1][2]


  1. Chinese: 在一秒間、一切痛苦回憶的飛電般閃過。; Pinyin: Zài yī miǎojiān, yīqiè tòngkǔ huíyì de fēidiàn bān shǎnguò.
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