BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.18 is the eighteenth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The plot starts back with Carlos and Leon confronting the Hunter Gammas as they escape their containment pods under the Raccoon City Hospital. One of the Gammas opens its mouth open, ready to swallow a downed Leon. Carlos rams a medical cabinet into the B.O.W.; the fallen chemicals are acidic, and burn the creature. Leon then fires at the Hunter with his Desert Eagle. Still alive, Carlos throws more acid on it, melting a whole straight through the B.O.W., where it was shot.

Carlos and Leon continue with the vaccine synthesis as another Hunter erupts from its tank. The two fire at the oncoming enemy. Pushed back along the lab, Carlos notices that some C4 has been wired up by someone. He throws two grenades into the room and escapes with Leon. The grenades, while easy for the agile B.O.W. to jump away from, set off the C-4, destroying the room, and soon enough the hospital, itself.

Elsewhere, the surviving company executive from the helicopter crash watches William Birkin, knowing full well who it is. In its G-4 mutation, it seeks simply to devour him for sustenance, rather than use him as a breeding tool. Throwing one of its arms out to grab the man, the Sniper intervenes - it seeks vengeance on all of Umbrella. Birkin fights back by biting into its arm. The Sniper uses its tentacles once more, though Birkin is surprisingly agile and jumps out of the way. The two begin to fight yet again, as the executive watches on with interest. He continues to just stand there against the headless corpse of his subordinate. Literally hundreds - or even thousands - of Zombies, Drain Deimos and Hunters just stand, encircling the two powerful mutants in their fight. Even a colony of Grave Diggers have "attended" this showdown, adding confusion as to what exactly is happening.[excerpt 1] The two powerful monsters have little regard for the encirclers, believing their own strength to be so high that the many infected are as incompetent or clueless ants in comparison.[excerpt 2]

After a car moves out of a transport plane, the various infected move in behind either the Sniper or Birkin, ignoring "Boss" and the female Umbrella executives as they race out of the encirclement.


Further notes

While Jill is displayed on the cover, she does not actually appear in the story at all.

The special edition for this issue was at $38 ($10 more than the average for this series' specials) and included a functional lighter, designed to be comparable to a "Zippo". It is modeled on Jill's lighter, used in the game, and holds the Raccoon S.T.A.R.S. emblem on it. The lighters were available in at least three colours, one of which being bronze.[1][2]



  1. Excerpt from page 24:
    "Four diggers emerged. What is this all about?" (Chinese: 四條掘土者破土而出,這是甚麼一回事?; Pinyin: Sìtiáo jué tǔ zhě pòtǔ ér chū, zhè shì shénme yī huí shì?)
  2. Chinese: 不行也沒辦法,眾多的東西己把二獸重重圍困,在強弱懸殊之下,他們絶不會是二獸的對手,在牠們眼中,地們不過是一羣無能的螞蟻。; Pinyin: Bùxíng yě méi bànfǎ, zhòngduō de dōngxi jǐ bǎ èr shòu chóngchóng wéikùn, zài qiángruò xuánshū zhī xià, tāmen jué bù huì shì èr shòu de duìshǒu, zài tāmen yǎnzhōng, demen bùguò shì yī qún wúnéng de mǎyǐ.
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