BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.19-20 is an entry in the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE series of comics published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It contains both volumes #19 and #20.



Carlos sits beside a wall after the explosion of the Raccoon City Hospital, unsure of how to save Jill now that the vaccine has been lost in the explosion. He then seeks out Umbrella executives hoping to make a deal with them, commandeering a motorcycle and riding around Raccoon City. He drives over zombies, highly emotional at the thought of losing Jill to the t-Virus. Getting off his bike, Carlos charges at a group of zombies with his combat knife. Even with them grabbing him from all sides, Carlos succeeds in killing them before they get the chance to bite. Entering Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, Carlos meets the Umbrella executives and demands they help him cure Jill. The man offers his assistance, but Carlos has to help defeat William Birkin first, and delivers the mercenary a Gatling gun.

Meanwhile, the Sniper' fight with Birkin continues on, with zombies moving on on all sides. Sniper punches Birkin, who in turn threatens to bit the Tyrant. After repeated hits, Birkin succeeds in throwing Sniper to the floor. Ready to throw its arm at the Tyrant to destroy its head, it is stopped by the five T-103s. Having taken out the G-Virus in the P-12A facility, they have moved over to Birkin as their next target. Two Tyrants succeed in delivering powerful punches to Birkin's abdomen. They continue to fight the Doctor while the Sniper begins drooling from its mouth from its injury. The five jump at Birkin at the same time, allowing Birkin to slash them all with its talons. Still with its hands full, it does not seem to expect Sniper to come at it from behind.


One of the Tyrants has been downed by Birkin, bleeding from the head. It struggles to stand up. Two others are standing nearer to the battle, as the Sniper launches a powerful punch, forcing Birkin into the concrete. Four of the Tyrants each grab hold of an arm, with the fifth grabbing Birkin's legs. The Sniper hits Birkin with its tentacle-punch, causing serious malformation to the G's body, and it explodes into pink blobs comparable to chewing gum. The pieces land on some of the Tyrants, and one of them is thrown by the force of the explosion into a wall, transforming into a Super Tyrant as a result.

Moving into the P-12A facility, the Sniper spies a small mass of G-infected flesh reproducing on the ground. Ready to destroy this last piece, the Super Tyrant T-103 slashes at the Sniper, now taking over Birkin as the new enemy.


  • Carlos (卡羅斯) (VOL.19)
  • Male executive (VOL.19)
  • Female assistant (VOL.19)

Further notes

VOL.19 and 20 came as a "double issue", featuring a promotional metal figurine of Jill. The special edition featured a promotional flame thrower model.[1][2]


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