BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.2 is the first volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The story starts with an Umbrella office. Its research personnel begin fleeing for their lives, brushing past armed security guards along the way. On the next page, the Sniper seen in VOL.1 has escaped captivity and is slaughtering the PrivSols with a combination of brute strength and its NE-α Type tentacles. More heavily armed PrivSols, readying rocket launchers, form a line further down the corridor. With the bald executive's (also seen in VOL.1) word, one of the PrivSols is ordered to fire.


The rogue Sniper attacks a PrivSol unit.

The Tyrant throws a corpse away so it can concentrate on the rocket heading straight for it. With impressively-delicate skill, it grabs hold of the incoming rocket; not close enough to the Tyrant's body, it manages to survive, resulting in the other PrivSols being ordered to begin firing. The Tyrant, this time, is caught up in the blast and is thrown out of the building to the city streets below. Crashing into the earth, a fire incinerates it. The bald executive examines the other three Snipers in their fluid chambers as they make preparations to prevent this kind of renegade behaviour from happening again, and another stares back at him.

Back in Raccoon City, the Sniper that killed Brad in VOL.1 (suggested to be the one that looked back at the bald executive), swings the deceased S.T.A.R.S. officer's corpse into the air before throwing it back into the ground. Still carrying the body, the Tyrant tries to swing it around to use it as a weapon against Jill. Dodging the attack, Jill is right under the Tyrant; she shoots it in the throat from below. It does no damage. The Tyrant instinctively reacts to her assault on its person by head-butting her. Jumping out of its grasp, Jill finds herself surrounded with a man and woman zombie coming in from behind her. Using her "master" reflexes, she barges past the two to get away. An angered Sniper throws Brad's corpse in her general direction, knocking down the female zombie. Jumping straight over the man to get to Jill, the S.T.A.R.S. officer uses the American flag next to the main hall entrance to avoid being crushed under its boots. Coming at her, Jill shoots through the stars of the US flag as it gets its head wrapped around it. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Jill jumps into the air from the pole and stabs the Tyrant with her combat knife, digging deep into its right eye. Screaming out in pain, it makes one final effort to kill Jill, with a swing of its arm. Jumping out of its range, the Sniper gives up and runs away.


The stable Sniper using Brad's corpse as a weapon.

Walking inside the abandoned R.P.D. Jill gains access to the police database and, satisfied by knowing today's password for the seized evidence locker, she runs over to the room and obtains the stored S.T.A.R.S. office key. Setting off for the S.T.A.R.S. office (turning lights on along the way), Jill is approached by a large creature with a wide-open mouth. It is revealed to be a Hunter β; trying to cut its mouth with her combat knife, the B.O.W. instead bits straight through the blade. Jill drops her S.T.A.R.S. key next to its feet.

Elsewhere, an Umbrella helicopter flies over Raccoon City, dropping off special pods containing B.O.W.s. Nikolai is shown to have survived the recent disaster with the U.B.C.S., and he is made aware of the drop mission through his ear piece. The helicopter drops one of its six capsules right through a building. The shock wave is felt by Carlos as he continues down the sewers (continued from VOL.1). He has another look at Jeff's crucifix necklace and starts running through the tunnels. Walking into a laboratory, Carlos discovers that it is a facility growing B.O.W.s out of capsules (a Plant 43 can be identified). Disgusted by the horrific sight of a mutant human foetus growing in the tank, Carlos destroys the capsules with his assault rifle to destroy the weapons. He suddenly notices the Umbrella logo labelled on the facility. Examining a document, he discovers Dr. William's G-Virus project. In a flashback, we see Dr. Birkin in a discussion with the Umbrella executives (seen in VOL.1) over the G-Virus project.

Carlos' reading of the notices is interrupted by the doctor, himself. Dropping the notes on the floor, Carlos fires at Birkin. This only makes the doctor mad. With his right arm he throws himself at Carlos. Birkin halts his attack right as a hole appears in the wall behind Carlos. A T-103 emerges, challenging Birkin to a fight with the young mercenary stuck in the middle.


Further notes

For promotional reasons, the special editions of VOL.2 were sold at HK$13, which was the same price as the standard edition. The two editions, "Green" and "Red", had luminescent covers which would glow in the dark.[1][2][3]


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