BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.21 is the twenty-first volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The story starts with Leon fighting G-5 William Birkin on an Umbrella train (evidently, Birkin split into different bodies after its body was destroyed in an earlier fight with the Sniper). Birkin's tentacles throw Leon into the corner of the train car, forcing him to cough up blood. With Birkin ready to kill him, Carlos rides his motorcycle through the roof of the train cabin and fires down at Birkin with the Gatling gun. Landing the bike next to Leon, he gets up and fires the Vulcan M134 continuously, with ammunition being replenished by a canister on his back. Tearing into Birkin's flesh, Leon prepares to fire his flamethrower into Birkin's face from close-quarters. However, the blob is able to grab hold of Leon and swallow him up.

Carlos begins thinking of Jill, who he practically confesses his love for by imagining proposing to her in a church. The dream turns sour, however, when a gang of four criminals beat him to the ground and take Jill. A man in sunglasses smokes a cigarette, watching on to Jill's horror.

Back in the real world, Carlos abandons his depleted Vulcan and turns to simply taking out his combat knife to dig Leon out. Birkin suddenly catches fire from inside. Leon is alive, and succeeded in using his flamethrower while inside Birkin. Carlos helps Leon out as the G-5 begins to lose its molecular integrity, melting into a pool. With Birkin defeated, and receiving the vaccine Leon took from the hospital (believing Ada to be dead, he no longer has a need for it), Carlos rides out into the train tunnel as Leon talks to Claire. However, they find that Birkin has regenerated, and threatens to consume the entire train. Sherry and Leon gain access into the forward compartment and halt the train, while Claire slows Birkin down. The three escape as the train's self-destruct system is activated, killing this Birkin for good.

The explosion from the train tears up part of Raccoon City, getting the attention of Carlos. However, he rides on, determined to save Jill. Suddenly, Nikolai fires at his motorcycle, ripping into a tire. Carlos falls off the bike, which is then destroyed in a fire. Believing to have killed Carlos, Nikolai lights a cigarette with pride. However, Carlos grabs his arm, surprising the Monitor.


Further notes

The special edition for this volume came with a promotional shotgun model with a shell (not to scale).[1]


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