BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.22 is the twenty-second volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The volume starts with a brief summary of Carlos' life before Raccoon City. Under the naivity, he recognised Umbrella as an outstanding global organization.[excerpt 1] moving on to his joining the UBCS. It is in Raccoon City that Carlos understands the power of bio-weaponry, with the death of his comrades, all so that Umbrella can have data on the effectiveness of their weapons. Nikolai is shown ruthlessly killing members of a squad of six other mercenaries one by one.

This is shown to be a flashback; Carlos is in the present, grabbing hold of Nikolai's arm. He then delivers a powerful punch to the side of Nikolai's head before knocking him to the ground. He beats Nikolai further, with the Monitor failing to use his handgun (it being shot out of his hand). But Nikolai comes back with a blow to Carlos, followed by a blow back and so on for several more pages until they finally knock each other to the ground. The two slowly get back up to continue the fight, but Carlos drops back down and loses consciousness. Nikolai takes the opportunity to flee.

As a rainy morning descends on another mournful, dark day in Raccoon City,[excerpt 2] a man runs down the deserted streets looking for safety. He runs straight into a group of unfamiliar invididuals, believing them to be zombies.[excerpt 3] They are revealed to be professional doctors operating a military-style medican tent guarded by the US military. This is revealed to be part of the US President's doing.

Meanwhile, Carlos has got back up and stumbles slowly to Saint Michael Clock Tower with the vaccine. He walks up to Jill and delivers her the medicine. However, he believes he has lost her.


Further notes

The VOL.22 special edition came with a promotional metal grenade launcher alongside a model canister to go with it; it sold for $28.[1] The standard edition came with a set of Carlos and Mikhail figurines.[2]


  1. Chinese: 自我懂事以来、我己認識到世上有一個非常傑出的組織——UMBRELLA。; Pinyin: Zìwǒ dǒngshì yǐlái, wǒ jǐ rènshi dào shìshàng yǒu yīgè fēicháng jiéchū de zǔzhī——UMBRELLA.
  2. Chinese: 似是天也在為這災禍悲哭。; Pinyin: Sì shì tiān yě zài wèi zhè zāihuò bēi kū.
  3. Chinese: 陌生的面孔,是喪屍嗎?; Pinyin: Mòshēng de miànkǒng, shì sàngshī ma?
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