BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.25 is the twenty-fifth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. Alongside the standard $13 edition, VOL.25 also came with two collector's editions. The G1 collector's edition was priced at $20 and came with the G1 figurine,[1] and is identified by having Sniper on the cover.[2] The second is the $35 "Rocket Launcher Special Edition" (火箭飛彈炮特別版), which came with the Rocket Launcher miniature, and is identified with Jill Valentine on the cover.[3]


The chapter starts with Jill's continued exploration of Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A. Running to another corridor, a close bullet throws her back to the corner. The shooter is none other than Nikolai. Jill turns around to face him, ready to shoot, but hides around the corner again when a strange sound is heard. Nikolai screams and runs away. The Sniper is then seen throwing the Super Tyrant into a wall, now turning for Nikolai. Whether Nikolai has been killed or not is left uncertain, visually, as the Sniper is next seen going for Jill, who somersaults over its arm to escape.

A brief intermission takes place, where Leon is seen kissing Ada.

Jill enters the disposal room, which seals behind her as the Sniper reveals itself. The Sniper swings its arms around, trying to kill Jill, accidentally letting a chemical fire douse itself on it, seriously burning the Tyrant. When the doors open up again, Jill leaves, but the Tyrant is revealed to have survived, barely, with part of its body melting into a puddle due to the properties of the chemicals.

In another intermission, Leon runs aboard the Umbrella train below Dr. Birkin's facility just in time before it leaves.

Jill continues to move through the facility as the disposal room drains the bodies - the Sniper included - into an chemical bath of anti-t chemicals.

In another intermission, Carlos is seen racing on is motorcycle to save Leon.

Jill goes up a lift to another level and finds a rocket launcher, which she takes with her as she proceeds to the facility's back yard, where she discovers the injured Super Tyrant. As she moves past it, the Sniper re-appears and consumes its body before turning on her. Jill prepares to fire her rocket launcher at the monster as three of the surviving T-103s make an appearance. Jill fires at the blob. Weakened by the blast, its body remains largely intact. Moving in to investigate the body, Jill suddenly notices a giant rail canon.



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