BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.26 is the twenty-sixth and final volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. The standard issue was sold at HK$20 and came with a G2 figurine,[1] while the $35 "7½ Inch Heavy Machine Gun Special Edition" (7吋半重機鎗特別版) came with a metal recreation of Carlos' weapon.[2]


The story starts with yet another return to the Sniper' backstory, featuring the boxer being taken by Umbrella for experimentation, and his wife being killed in front of him.

Back in the present, Jill fires the Demon Sword of Paracelsus. However, the Sniper blob moves away in time to avoid it. The Sniper's human personality returns to strength and the creature moves to the front of the railgun, awaiting Jill to fire a second time. When she does so, the Sniper' life flashes before its eyes (both as a human and as the Tyrant). The creature finally destroyed, Jill runs off to the helicopter (more flashbacks to the earlier Sniper encounters take place) and flies off with Carlos as Raccoon City is destroyed. After this, artwork of each major character in the series appears in the next few pages.



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