BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.4 is the fourth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The story starts with the Sniper that was hunting S.T.A.R.S. officers. Having been stabbed by Jill in the previous volume, it has retreated. The knife has cut a deep ridge in its skull. Presumably as an ability left over from its human life, the Tyrant uses a needle to stitch the skin back together. The comic logo is spread out over two pages, alongside the Sniper roaring.


The Sniper conducts emergeny first aid.

The story comes back to Carlos, who had just found Nikolai at the end of Volume 3. A Zombie Dog bursts in between the two of them and jumps at Carlos; Nikolai shoots it with his handgun. Falling to the grownd with the dog between his legs, Carlos is relieved to have been saved. Nikolai has decided that Carlos could serve his purposes for some more time.

In the Raccoon City Police Department, a gang of zombies has made its way into the RPD's second floor. Running down a corridor to escape from, she comes close to the Sniper. She hides in a room with a typewriter in. Unfortunately, the zombies make their way into the room, cornering her at a storage box. Opening it reveals it to contain a weapon rack. Taking out a Benelli M3S, the shotgun quickly takes out the zombies. Jill heads back out into the streets.


The Sniper has found Jill.

Carlos has walked into the restaurant. Hearing someone inside, he points his assault rifle at the unknown individual, revealed to be Jill, who is aiming her Benelli back. The stand-off is called off by the Sniper' approach. Coming at her, Jill unloads on the Tyrant's face, followed by Carlos' assault rifle fire. Thrown back by the weapons fire, the Tyrant is pushed next to two gas canisters. A shot from Jill causes them to explode, giving Jill and Carlos a chance to evade it. It does little, as the creature still comes at them. Carlos grabs hot assault rifle rounds and shoves them down the Sniper' mouth from behind; its tentacles try to fight back, throwing him in to the air as the Tyrant falls down. The tentacles try wrapping around Carlos' torso, but he succeeds in cutting them. Jill is unwilling to help Carlos after that due to his ties with Umbrella, and leaves. Alone, Carlos is terrified by Sniper clutching to his leg.


Further notes

BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.4 - special editions

A comparison of the two special editions (watermarked)

Two special editions were released at $20, each. The "Silver" version featured Jill Valentine as its cover character, with the "Gold" version featuring Carlos Oliveira.[1]


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